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'Blow on the wind 2023': Ta Na was cursed and slapped for surpassing Amber and Chi Pu, Ngo Thien was c.ut o.ff all scenes

Ning Jing12:03:13 03/06/2023
Although her dancing and singing skills are only temporary, Ta Na's performance at the top of the most popular rankings from first to second is still more talented in this year's billions of billions. That's why it made netizens angry. Recently, the public popularity ranking has...

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'Peace the wind 2023': Chi Pu was mercilessly knocked down by a 'big sister', Ella debuted at the top?

Ning Jing11:19:30 19/05/2023
Although it has only aired two episodes, recently the script as well as the list of artists who will debut on the hit show of Hunan station has also been revealed. In general, the w.inning faces are all the "bloody" names of Cbiz. Not different from previous years, even though it...

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'Blow on the wind 2023': Ngo Thien was 'kick' causing fans to be shocked, Chi Pu submitted after being filed by Cung Lam Na

Yang Mi20:03:18 17/05/2023
As a name that is quite appreciated in terms of traffic as well as beauty, but the stop of the beauty born in 1992 - Ngo Thien has made many people regret and surprise. In parallel with Ngo Thien, 4 other powerful names also stopped the game, making many people disgruntled...

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Billionaire Beat the Wind: Chi Pu was commented by Chinese stars to act "intimidating people", soon disqualified for this reason?

Thảo Mai15:40:37 05/05/2023
Beauty Uong Tieu Man commented that Chi Pu had a "scare" performance with many impressive escapes, surprising audiences like her, unable to take their eyes off them. Praised, but many people still lack faith in the voice of the representative of Vietnam. On May 5, Sina reported...

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