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Thua Tuan Anh: male villain with outstanding beauty, causing fans to panic

Mẫn Nhi10:54:35 12/04/2024
H.ot on social networks when taking on the role of male villain, Thua Tuan Anh makes women stunned with each expression, his eyes are a bit sinister but full of charm. People were feverishly pleading: Since you're evil, please don't be handsome.

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Harry Lu already has a strong opponent, the popular talent Le Hai, who will the audience choose?

Khánh Huyền09:55:39 22/03/2024
Recently, Harry Lu has been feverishly returning with the image of a handsome patriarch, but now the Vietnamese screen has welcomed another man who can take care of Le Hai - the general who makes Thoi Yen just a the name.

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Le Hai: Vietnamese film director who captured the hearts of millions of fangirls, making Thoi Yen overshadow him

Mẫn Nhi14:36:32 17/03/2024
General talent Le Hai in Wishing We'd Fly Together is making fangirls fall for him because of his good looks and acting. Even though his name was quite obscure before being known in the movie, he became a fan-attractor, making him The film received extremely good feedback.

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Phan Dang Di: the father of an award-winning series, his television adaptation immediately caused a fever

Phong Trần11:33:38 12/03/2024
Phan Dang Di is one of the famous independent art filmmakers in Vietnam. Recently, he turned his attention to making his first TV series Wishing We'd Fly Together, which is currently receiving many positive responses from the audience.

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Quang Dai, Consul Qing suffered from "inferiority" to the emerging general, causing social fever

Mẫn Nhi16:50:25 06/03/2024
Both are two famous male gods of Vietnamese showbiz, but Quang Dai and Lanh Thanh both suffered from inferiority to the general talent Le Hai when participating in the film project "Wish I Fly".

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The total talent of Vietnamese films caused the producer to change the script because he was "threatened" by the audience

Phương Thảo14:24:35 06/03/2024
Recently, social media has been buzzing with the drama series aired on VieON thanks to the appearance of many young faces, good acting and especially the rumbling chemistry of the couple Chao (Le Hai) and Nhi (Trinh Thao).

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The total talent of Vietnamese films made Time Yen forgotten, causing the audience to threaten the station

Vân Anh14:09:11 03/03/2024
The TikTok social network in the past days suddenly appeared a screen couple that emerged as a phenomenon because of extremely adorable interactions. It is the opposite pair of Chao (Le Hai) - Nhi (Trinh Thao) of the drama "I wish I could fly".

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Khanh Tien: Miss Peace runner-up, from Vietnam's Idol contestant to talented actress

Vân Anh19:20:34 01/03/2024
Khanh Tien was born in 1996, was known to the audience when she entered the top 8 of Vietnam Idol 2015, is the heroine of Who He Is and also the 1st runner-up of the Miss Peace Vietnam contest. Khanh Tien is getting a lot of attention through his role in the movie Wish I Fly Together.

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Luong Gia Huy: the "patriarchal" guy. Amazing race, crowned male king of the world

Vân Anh18:26:01 27/02/2024
Luong Gia Huy - Ha Anh's student in Perfect Gentleman once made a bad impression in the audience's eyes when participating in The Amazing Race. He was also crowned the Male Ambassador of the Universe, w.inning more than 50 countries and territories.

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