Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mi's assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge

Hoàng PhúcJun 24, 2023 at 16:34

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In the entertainment industry, being an assistant to famous stars is a job that many people are interested in. Besides the assistants who encounter difficult stars, there are also many people who are lucky to meet kind bosses. The word Tieu Tap is a prime example.

In the entertainment world, the most indispensable thing is the star. Currently, the requirements of the entertainment industry are very low, just having a good appearance can enter showbiz, but not everyone can become famous. Being famous is easy overnight, but if you want to be remembered by the audience, you must have a good work. For example, Duong Mich, a c.hild star once couldn't become famous overnight, she had to play a lot of dramas, even supporting roles. In the end, thanks to the role of Tinh Xuyen in "Cuong radiating jade heart", she turned into a star.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 1

Despite becoming a star, Yang Mi is said to treat everyone around her very well, whether it's people on the set or her own assistant. Just like Tu Tieu Tap, Duong Mich's personal assistant. Becoming a professional actor from an assistant is inseparable from Yang Mi's merits.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 2

Assistant to follow Yang Mi

With the nature and characteristics of the work, many artists are always busy, so having an extra person to help "weigh and measure" everything is the optimal solution. Speaking of this, it is impossible not to mention Duong Mich's former assistant 12 years ago - Tu Tieu Tap. She is one of the people who are pampered by the "Ad Queen". It is no exaggeration to say that Tu Tieu Tap is the most prominent among the beautiful assistants of ex-wife Luu Khai Uy. She even entered the entertainment industry and became a well-known actress.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 3

It is known that while studying at the Beijing Film Academy, Xu Xiaota became Yang Mi's personal assistant through the introduction of an acquaintance. At this time, Luu Khai Uy's ex-wife was not as famous as now. It's a pity that Tu Tieu Tap did not receive any film opportunities despite coming from the prestigious Academy.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 4

However, in the process of becoming an assistant to the star, Tu Tieu Tap has learned a lot of useful things. As for the assistant's work, she always works hard. Therefore, Duong Mich is very sympathetic to Tu Tieu Tap's difficulties. It can be said that Duong Mich is the "general talent" like in love stories to help female assistants find development opportunities.

The owl turned into a star

When Yang Mi starred in New Hong Lau Mong, director Ly Thieu Hong was looking for actors for the supporting role of Jia Xichun. With the support of Duong Mich and also thanks to her temperamental appearance and potential to become an actress, Tu Tieu Tap caught the eye of this director. Tan Hong Lau Mong is also a work marking her acting path.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 5

After the movie was released, many viewers saw the classic beauty emanating from Tu Tieu Tap, along with the image of Jia Xichun, she became a beautiful female character no less than the main roles in the film. At this time, some people think that a new face that has not been exploited as much as Tu Tieu Tap should not stop at a historical film where he can only play a supporting role.

With big eyes shining with aura, and good acting ability, Tu Tieu Tap was recognized by the director. Then, under the training of Yang Mi and the experience gained from the movies, Tu Tieu Tap gradually became a professional actor who can play many different roles.

Tu Tieu Tap played many roles such as "River Flows to You", "Huong Son Ky Duyen", "Phong Trung Ky Duyen"... and also collaborated with former boss Duong Mi in "Yuu Dieu Thuc Nu".

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 6

Prominent among them, she seized the opportunity to cooperate with Hu Ge in the TV series Lieu Truong. With this work, Tu Tieu Tap was noticed by many audiences and became one of the potential faces of the Chinese language.

For Xu Xiaota, even a small supporting role is worth trying, like when she is an assistant, doing small things carefully, and then having a chance to do bigger things. After making her mark in many dramas, Xu's acting skills began to improve.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 7

When he became an actor, Tu Tieu Tap was able to perfect every role excellently. Despite the appearance, coming from a professional acting school and the opportunity to cooperate with many big stars, sometimes the character Tu Tieu Tap takes on is not known to many people, even has not found the opportunity yet. to rise to h.ot stars, but that did not discourage her. It was her passion for cinema that motivated her to stick with the acting profession.

Although she used to be Duong Mich's assistant, she never used this identity to create hotness. Instead, she did what she wanted on her own two feet. Regarding her private life, Tu Tieu Tap is a private person and does not go public, she just takes care of each film and uses her acting skills to attract everyone's attention.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 8

In fact, it can be seen from Tu Tieu Tap's background that she herself is not a high-paid actress. But each TV series she participated in clearly shows the effort in it. Because of this, she can clearly know which acting style is suitable for her. Tu Tieu Tap will not take on roles other than himself in order to act better. Of course, after acting more mature, she will definitely try a different kind of role. Then she will surely achieve greater success. Only in this way can she gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 9

Currently, Tu Tieu Tap still participates in movies regularly, although not too famous, she is quite familiar with the television audience. Fans hope that this beauty will soon be able to stand "in the same yard" with Duong Mich in the future.

Tu Tieu Tap: 12 years ago, Yang Mis assistant, now supported, became a co-star next to Ho Ge - Photo 10

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