Trieu Lo Tu "overwhelmed" Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods

Hoàng PhúcApr 26, 2024 at 20:33

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Among the current young celebrities in the Chinese entertainment industry, Trieu Lo Tu is a name that has received a lot of attention from audiences, not only limited to the Mainland, but also many netizens in other countries in Asia. also gave the actress great attention.

According to a series of recently published data from a foreign website, Trieu Lo Tu is leading the group of famous Cbiz stars abroad, and at the same time, her searches on Wikipedia and Tiktok platforms also ranked No. first. Currently, Trieu Lo Tu's hashtag views on Tiktok (foreign Douyin) are 10.8 billion.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 1

The number of Instagram followers of the star Accidental Theft Can't Hide is ranked first among Cbiz actors, and second among Chinese artists (only behind Vuong Gia Nhi Jackson GOT7). It is known that among the followers of Trieu Lo Tu's Instagram page, there are famous Thai artists such as Happy Home actor Mike Angelo, Thanatsaran Samthonglai, Max Nattapol...

In addition, a number of films starring Trieu Lo Tu were also very well received.

Accordingly, Trieu Lo Tu's historical project Shen An in collaboration with Vuong An Vu is leading the Chinese film chart with the highest views on Tiktok 2024 (874 million views), in the C-Drama chart all on Netflix 2021 - 2023 , there are two works of Hoa Dan 95 mentioned by name, first is Tha Thi Thien Ha (top 1) and Clumsy Thief Can't Hide (top 3).

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 2

In addition, on the chart of the most popular Chinese sweet and romantic films of 2023 according to Guduo Media, the project is adapted from the novel of the same name Theft Can't Be Hidden by Trieu Lo Tu - Tran Triet. The actor won the highest ranking, with an average temperature score on Guduo of 79.36, and a score on Douban stopping at 6.7/10 points.

Having followed Accidental Theft Can't Hide since its early days, surely you all know about the fact that the cast was strongly opposed by original fans because they thought they didn't fit the character setup. However, all those criticisms and dissatisfied attitudes had to completely change after the movie started airing. Not only was he not criticized, but on the contrary, Trieu Lo Tu, Tran Triet Vien, and even the male supporting character Ma Ba Khien all received countless compliments, and their career and reputation further developed as a result.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 3

Trieu Lo Tu is an actor who has recently entered showbiz. Thanks to his bright, sweet appearance and sunny smile, the 9x star easily caught the public's attention and gradually caught the "eyes" of many people. Producer, director.

However, Trieu Lo Tu's name really popped up thanks to Tran Thien Thien Trong Rumors and then with the fever of Tinh Han Xan Lan, Clumsy Thief Can't Hide, she officially rose to the top 95.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 4

However, Trieu Lo Tu is often criticized for accepting films without consideration. Therefore, among the number of films she has acted in, the percentage of films criticized as "trash films" accounts for the majority.

Furthermore, Trieu Lo Tu is also a female star who often causes controversy about her personality among the 95-year-old flower girls. Recently, a series of photos from the actress's photo shoot continued to be discussed because they were too "cool". h.ot eyes".

Accordingly, Trieu Lo Tu had an advertising photo shoot for the brand. The flower g.irl tied her hair on both sides, wore a pink halter dress, and interacted with products and strawberries. Overall, Trieu Lo Tu's appearance is quite pretty and sweet.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 5

It wouldn't be worth mentioning if the actress didn't have ridiculous, over-the-top expressions, trying to appear adorable and cute. Trieu Lo Tu's performance with strawberries as props also reminded netizens of Jang Won Young's (IVE) image of eating strawberries with both hands.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 6

Before that, Trieu Lo Tu was repeatedly compared to Jang Won Young because of their similar photography styles, costumes, and makeup. The little flower g.irl was also suspected of deliberately editing her face to resemble a Korean female idol. Many fans are worried about Trieu Lo Tu because Angelababy is also struggling in her career because of her hobby of pursuing Korean idols.

Trieu Lo Tu overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh internationally, receiving good news with two male gods - Photo 7

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