Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life.

Hoàng AnhMay 12, 2022 at 09:53

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When he was in school, Trieu Lo Tu was famous for his beautiful beauty, high nose bridge and delicate lines.

However, it is not clear whether Trieu Lo Tu accidentally or intentionally was deceived by the post-production staff because the beauty in the movie and in real life is so different.

The movie Hau Lang, starring Zhao Lo Tu and La Nhat Chau, is now gradually entering the promotion phase.

Recently, a blogger spread the news that the film crew had to retouch the main actors frame by frame. The person who was given the first picture was Trieu Lo Tu. It is reported that the post-production staff released this image, accusing the actress of "cheating", the image before and after is completely different.

Before fixing, Trieu Lo Tu had a big head defect, a big face, and bad skin. The requirements of the actress's crew are very high, so the image is required to be beautiful, reduce the shape of the head, squeeze the face, and also remove wrinkles.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 1

However, this blogger also confirmed that it was true that the frame was edited, but it was not so bad, the before and after image was not too big of a difference.

Two years ago, Trieu Lo Tu was still a bit overweight and looked fat on the screen, so he was laughed at a lot. But in the past time, she has also worked hard to lose weight and lose a lot of weight. Filming all year, on average, she will have to stay up almost once a week, plus she has to apply makeup all day, which is very harmful to the skin.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 2

The actress noticed this, so she hired an assistant who studied beauty care to support carefully from makeup removal to skin care. No matter how busy she is at work, she will still go to the spa. The audience can fully understand Trieu Lo Tu's efforts in building a beautiful image in the public's eyes.

Hau Lang belongs to the modern genre, revolving around the story of young people starting a business. The main content of the film revolves around the traditional medicine dream of the young generation. Trieu Lo Tu will take on the role of Sun Dau Tou. She is a young woman with a strong, straightforward personality, often defending the weak.

In addition, recently, it was reported that Trieu Lo Tu will collaborate with young Trach Tieu Van in a project to adapt a famous novel.

Specifically, on Weibo, there is information that the famous love novel "The Steal That Can't Be Hidden" by author Truc Di will be turned into a movie. The film is produced by Wajijiwa, Trieu Lo Tu and Ze Tieu Van will take charge of the main roles, starting filming this coming July.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 3

The Unbelievable Theft is a famous love novel series, revolving around the sweet love story of the couple Tang Tri and Doan Gia Hua. Right from the first time they met, Tang Tri had a crush on Doan Gia Hua, her brother's best friend. The feelings of the two people continued to be built up for many years, finally reaping good results.

Immediately after the rumor broke out, many viewers expressed dissatisfaction with the film's cast. According to the original, Tang Tri is 7 years younger than Doan Gia Hua, while Trieu Lo Tu, who was supposed to play Tang Tri, is 1 year older than her co-star. This does not seem to be popular with fans of the original. Many viewers think that Trach Tieu Van's face looks too immature, not suitable for the role of Doan Gia Hua.

Currently, Trieu Lo Tu is having the work Release Thi Thien Ha on the air, receiving the attention of a large audience.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 4

Although the film received many mixed reviews, it still has to be acknowledged that the success of the work, and the beauty and feeling of the couple of Trieu Lo Tu and Duong Duong are not average. The latest details and images of the film continue to make fans stir and praise the couple's husband and wife.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 5

Specifically in episode 33, Bach Phong Tich (Trieu Lo Tu) and Hac Phong Tuc (Duong Duong) were suddenly entangled in a case. Together, the two found a place to hide, avoiding the pursuit of soldiers.

Although the scene only lasted a few seconds, the two actors were able to o.ff their full angle. With a soft, similar angle, Duong Duong and Trieu Lo Tu made fans extremely excited.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused by the crew of the difference in beauty on film and in real life. - Photo 6

Even many people think that the two actors are one of the duo who own the most similar and high noses. Therefore, most of the audience commented that the main couple, Tha Thi Thien Ha, completely had a husband and wife thanks to their extreme angle.

In addition to possessing outstanding and eye-catching beauty, Trieu Lo Tu and his co-stars are often enthusiastically pushed by people because of their lovely interactions behind the scenes.

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