Zhao Liying received a rain of "bricks and stones" from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to "add fuel to the fire"

Tuyết NgọcFeb 14, 2024 at 14:25

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Recently, a rather ungraceful act destroyed the image Zhao Liying had built for so long. Worth mentioning, in the midst of Xiaohua's distress, one of her colleagues moved to add fuel to the fire.

After the success of the drama series, Zhao Liying is determined to return to the big screen. "The 20th Thing" is a movie project marking the box office comeback of the 85-year-old.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 1

In the film, Zhao Liying plays Huo Xiuping, a deaf-mute mother who indignantly witnesses her daughter being bullied without being able to do anything. To fulfill the role well, she spent 2 months learning how to communicate deaf-mute people.

During her debut press conference in January, she said "The 20th Thing" was an interesting experience for herself, helping her learn a lot about acting.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 2

On social networks, Zhao Liying's name has continuously entered the topics of discussion on the social network Weibo (China) since the film has not been officially released.

"The 20th Thing" is helmed by great director Truong Nghe Muu, released in theaters in time for Tet and was expected to explode. However, at the present time, the revenue of the work is only ranked 4th, even far behind another animated film.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 3

It is worth mentioning that in the recent film propaganda session, Zhao Liying also took actions that made the people extremely offensive. Specifically, when the MC asked if she had seen any other Tet movies this year, she replied that she had seen a film that included both Lei Jiayin and Ma Li.

It was "Heat Ladder Thang" that was at the top of the box office, caused a fever by Jia Linh's 50kg weight loss performance. However, at that time, the heroine Minh Lan Story spoke as "Human Ghost". This name is analyzed as a combination and blend of 2 Tet films that are leading in terms of revenue, "Heat Lat Thang" and "Phi Chi Human Life 2" of Shen Dang.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 4

This made both Ma Li and Lei Jianyin "stiffen", their expressions were visibly frozen. Lei Jianyin was also scrutinized for a "forced" moment, but then quickly returned to a state of laughter to "rescue" the juniors.

The aforementioned incident immediately exploded into controversy all over the internet, in which netizens gave mixed opinions. Many people feel that Zhao Liying is less charming this time, low EQ when misreading the name of the work that he claims to have seen, and is also a h.ot movie of his co-star.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 5

However, there were also some opinions that Zhao Liying should not be too harsh, because this was only a minor incident. After misreading the title of the film in theaters with "The 20th Thing", her image was seriously affected.

Some viewers expressed that her return to the big screen was not too successful, even ridiculed. In addition, the fact that the film crew used Zhao Liying's name to promote the work, but omitted the heroine Ma Li also caused extreme outrage among many viewers.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 6

Notably, during the first roadshow in Beijing of the movie "Heat", Xiao Linge suddenly shared that his daughter Yang Mo suggested that he should watch this movie. Not only that, Zhang Xiaofei also sent him tickets to the roadshow.

Father Yang Mo said: "Jia Ling, I haven't seen you for a long time. After watching this movie, he was really touched. I can only say one sentence, I spent my life filming this movie. This is my deepest feeling."

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 7

As soon as this information was posted, many netizens thought that Yang Mo and Zhao Liying were indeed "rival feng feng" pair. Because "aunt" Bai Qian and her biological father openly supported the rival film of "The 20th Thing".

Despite the controversy, the box office revenue of "The 20th Thing" has surpassed the 500 million yuan mark and is expected to break the 1 billion yuan mark. However, it is clear that compared to "Heat Lat Energy", the revenue and reputation of the "brainchild" Zhao Liying are both inferior, the film also did not achieve as much success as expected.

Zhao Liying received a rain of bricks and stones from public opinion, and Yang Kai decided to add fuel to the fire - Photo 8

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