Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene

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Kissing scenes are an indispensable part of dramas. When a couple of actors kiss in front of the camera, audiences often wonder: Does the kissing scene have a "physiological reaction"?

In fact, this issue always attracts a lot of attention. Many actors answered questions about kissing scenes in movies and TV shows. In particular, the different views of Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Mich when answering this question attracted attention.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 1

Trieu Le Dinh frankly answered this question in an interview. Trieu Le Dinh said that when filming the kissing scene, she had to come into close contact with the male actors as required by the script. Although some "physiological reactions" occasionally occur during filming, as a professional actress, she will soon adjust her state and focus on her character's acting. Trieu Le Dinh's straightforward answer was understood and acknowledged by the public, her honest attitude also added authenticity and honesty to this topic.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 3

In contrast to Trieu Le Dinh's straightforwardness, Duong Mich gave a surprising answer in the interview. She said her "physical reaction" during the kissing scene was a reaction to her character's presence in the scene. Duong Mich shared that these reactions are due to her dedication to portraying a character that shows emotional depth in love and intimacy. Duong Mich's answer caused a lot of controversy. Some viewers thought she was too conservative, while others praised her professional achievements.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 4

On the other hand, Yu Feng Xing is Trieu Le Dinh's latest historical film in recent years. The film marks the much-awaited collaboration of Trieu Le Dinh and co-star Lam Canh Tan after 6 years since the success of So Kieu Truyen .

The film will be completed by the end of 2022, but the film is said to be at risk of being "put on hold" for a long time. Last August, a number of famous bloggers in China revealed that Yu Feng Xing was on the list of films whose premieres were postponed due to male supporting actor Chow Jun Wei. He was once banned due to a scandal for speaking inappropriately.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 5

In China, artists who have violated the law and have scandalous private lives are not encouraged to engage in artistic activities. Therefore, it is difficult for their film works and music products to be broadcast, and they are boycotted by the audience.

According to some sources, the production crew of Du Phuong Hanh considered removing Chau Tuan Vy's image. Many viewers expressed concern for the future of the film because the official release date of Du Phuong Hanh has not been set.

Da Phuong Hanh is considered the most anticipated Chinese historical blockbuster in the second half of 2023. The film revolves around the romance between Tham Ly (played by Trieu Le Dinh) and Hanh Chi (played by Lam Canh Tan). Tham Ly fell injured and fell to earth and was rescued by Hanh Chi. From then on, she stayed with Hanh Chi and developed feelings for him.

Last September, although the release date has not yet been announced, Yu Fengxing reached the milestone of 3 million people pre-ordering on the Tencent platform (China). This shows the audience's expectations of the work.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 6

Talking about the film, Lam Canh Tan affirmed that Du Phuong Hanh is a middle-aged love film while Trieu Le Dinh commented that the film has many humorous and romantic details.

The information that it was difficult for Du Phuong Hanh to air was announced at a time when Trieu Le Dinh was operating quite quietly. According to some sources, the beauty named Trieu has not yet chosen a satisfactory script; Limit appearances in events, entertainment programs on television or fashion magazines.

Last May, she was nominated in the Best Actress category of the Bach Ngoc Lan Arts A.ward (China) for her role as Hua Ban Ha in The Wind Blows Ban Ha .

Bach Ngoc Lan is a very prestigious a.ward and is the wish of many Chinese stars. Before the awards ceremony, Trieu Le Dinh received many expectations and was highly appreciated by the Chinese media. However, in the end, the beauty named Trieu did not win. After the a.ward, she became tight-lipped.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 7

Trieu Le Dinh's absence from Chinese media recently has caused some opinions to say that the 8X beauty is "out of fashion". However, according to Chinese media, Trieu Le Dinh has her own directions.

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Mich act shocked when having a physiological reaction in a close scene - Photo 8

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