Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings

Thiên DiJun 11, 2024 at 19:06

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In addition to her increasingly successful career, actress Trieu's love life is also receiving special attention. Recently, the actress attracted attention when she not only revealed her secret lover but was also "confessed to" by a male god.

Remember in 2021, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong announced their divorce, causing a stir. After the breakup, the movie actress Da Phuong Hanh threw herself into work, constantly appearing in new projects, busy with advertising contracts, and expensive show events. Trieu Le Dinh's career also "improved" after the divorce. The projects she starred in mostly achieved success such as Du Phuong Hanh, Happiness to Van Gia, Wind Blows Ban Ha...

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 1

However, the actress's love life is always a topic that receives the attention of many audiences. Recently, Trieu Le Dinh's office suddenly posted photos from the actress's camping trip. Accordingly, on the occasion of having a day off after a long period of focusing on work, Trieu Le Dinh and her friends had the opportunity to date and hang out together.

Notably, in one of the actress's selfie photos, the audience couldn't help but notice the appearance of a mysterious g.irl. To protect this friend's identity, Trieu Le Dinh delicately covered this g.irl's face.

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 2

Below the photo, many viewers left comments speculating that this could be one of the actress's long-time, never-revealed close friends. Others believe that the g.irl is simply one of the employees of the little flower g.irl 85's team. Up to now, the identity of the special friend appearing in the photo with Trieu Le Dinh has not been revealed.

Besides the photo showing off her "lover", recently, Trieu Le Dinh attracted attention when suddenly a male god openly confessed his feelings. Remember the movie Who is the killer starring Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Uong, released at the end of 2021, is considered one of the unique works of the 85-year-old flower g.irl. The movie marks the return of the female actress. The actor was born in 1987 after nearly a year without a new film project, since Huu Phi.

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 3

During the time it was broadcast, the film received the attention of many Chinese film enthusiasts and was a high-temperature film on the broadcasting platform. The relationship between Trieu Le Dinh and other co-stars in the movie was also maintained even after the movie ended. Among them, Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Uong still maintain a good working relationship and often support each other in the entertainment world.

Recently, Trieu Le Dinh announced that she would cover Tieu Uong's new movie to support her co-star. Immediately after that, a clip recording the scene of actor Tieu Uong sharing his feelings about Trieu Le Dinh was suddenly dug up by netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 4

When having the opportunity to mention her colleague, Tieu Uong did not hesitate to praise her junior: "When we were filming, I felt that she was a very wise actor. She really developed a connection. connect with the character. Can Trieu Le Dinh really think about it, really feel it?

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 5

Through Tieu Uong's sharing, netizens could not help but nod in praise of Trieu Le Dinh's professionalism and serious working spirit. This is also the key to Trieu Le Dinh's outstanding success after 18 years of working. Thanks to these good personalities, Trieu Le Dinh received respect from his seniors in the profession and was respected by his juniors.

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 6

Currently, except for the series Du Phuong Hanh, which is an idol historical drama, the projects that Trieu Le Dinh plays in are all drama-oriented, such as the recent series At Nhan Gian. Besides, Trieu Le Dinh also actively accepts acting in movies, even though that role has little acting space.

Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings - Photo 7

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