Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband

Hoàng PhúcSep 24, 2022 at 12:32

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Since getting married, Trang Nhung has completely retired as a "rear" as a woman of the family. She gave up glory and fame to nurture a small family. Her husband became the main economic pillar for Trang Nhung to take care of her children wholeheartedly.

Nguyen Trang Nhung was born in 1985 in Bac Ninh. Although she comes from an artistic family, Trang Nhung is a flight attendant. In 2005, she attracted attention when participating in the contest "Miss Vietnam women through photos", right after a year, she entered the Top 15 supermodels and gradually became a bright face in showbiz.

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 1

In her twenties, Trang Nhung has a lovely face, smooth white skin and a full b.ody. With the available strengths, she won the "Performance Style" sub a.ward and was honored as the 2nd runner-up.

When joining the entertainment industry, the 8x beauties mainly worked in the field of modeling. For a long time, Trang Nhung pursued a h.ot, modern image anytime and anywhere. From the way she dresses to a series of eye-catching pictures, she is dubbed the "first s.exy beauty" by fans.

Not only famous in the modeling village, Trang Nhung is also known by many viewers through the TV series she participated in: Scandal Contract, Fragile Happiness, Dear Sir... Highlight is the movie Scandal : The Return of Glory (2014) by director Victor Vu helped her name rise rapidly.

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 2

Right at the time when she achieved a lot of success, she was involved in some unpleasant noises affecting her private life. More than 10 years ago, Trang Nhung was the focus of public opinion when she was suspected of being involved in the case that shocked the entertainment industry "Miss, model prostitution" of My Xuan. Although the matter has been clarified, Trang Nhung has been vindicated, but this is really a huge s.hock to the supermodel.

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 3

In HTV2's show The first time I told, the model shared that when the incident happened, she was very surprised and felt that the effort to build a career became a negative number, not a zero. Trang Nhung chose to prove to the audience through appearing more on the screen. "I think I'll just do it, and when the movie comes out people will understand," she shared.

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 4

Absent from showbiz after happy marriage

In 2014, when her career was unfinished, she announced her pregnancy with her husband Hoang Duy, who is currently the director of a Multimedia Media Joint Stock Company and the director of many big films. She officially got into the flower car in 2016. It is known that Trang Nhung and her husband's beautiful love story began when the two played in the same group, she was "beaten" by his strong personality and attractive communication. .

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 5

When asked if her husband is a tycoon, the actress once frankly replied, "Honestly, Nhung does not know what criteria to become a 'giant' as people often say. Because being rich, knowing how much is enough is enough. As for 'family background', both husband and wife come from families with artistic and cultural traditions, very disciplined and educated. But like him, they are very strict in choosing a life partner. heavy financial problems on the other side that want to build together.

Trang Nhung is more interested in choosing a virtuous father for her c.hild than finding a rich husband. M.oney is a very frivolous thing, there are people who make it with empty hands, there are people who lose everything in a moment!".

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 6

It is known that after giving birth to her first b.aby in 2015, Trang Nhung went backstage for a while to focus on taking care of her family. Sharing with the 24h newspaper, the beauty spends 80% of her time with her husband and children, raising and taking care of the children as well as taking care of all household chores. For her, a peaceful home is always the most important.

She confided: "Since becoming a mother, being able to personally take care of each c.hild's food and sleep, to be honest, it is very hard. But I do not deny that it also brings me many levels of happiness that before. I never thought about it. Every day watching the two children grow up, I think that I have to become healthy to protect them.

And it is true that once you decide to get married and have children, everything will change completely. Nhung is satisfied with the fact that she spends all her time with her family."

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 7

It is known that in their married life, she and her partner often share and support each other in work and raise a family. Previously, the couple worked together to produce the movie "Miss Inheritance" (2018), which attracted much attention from the audience.

After 6 years of marriage, now Trang Nhung's family is "full enough", she is always pampered and cared for by her husband like when she was in love.

Because she stayed hidden for a long time, the actress was mocked by a part of the audience "hiding in the shadow" of her husband. Talking about this, the former model shared: "As an adult and especially now that I have become a mother of two, I find it even more normal when someone says something about me, even if it's the worst. I don't think any of us force others to understand us when we are nothing. The people I need to understand are my family and my husband's family. I don't talk much about my life, because I don't. I can't pat myself on my chest to praise myself for being talented, but I can't even show my back where I'm bad.I just want what I do for my family, myself, I will get the things that in the future. How will I answer my life, that's enough.

It is true that at this time, I spend most of my time with my family, helping my husband with the company's work. Just seeing his career develop and become more and more successful, I feel satisfied. As for myself, I don't like to rely on anyone, moreover, my self-esteem is very high. I think mutual respect is one of the things that help a marriage last."

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 8

It is known that at the present time, Trang Nhung has returned to work. In addition to helping her husband, she owns her own fashion brand and a business of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. She still received many invitations to participate in gameshow and film, but due to busy family work and did not specify specifically about returning to showbiz.

When looking back on the past time, Trang Nhung said she did not regret her decision to give up art to choose family happiness. She said: "A lot of people regret for me, but I don't personally. I think each of us, if we look deeply, everything comes and goes in this life for a reason and at the right time. I can't choose when to get married for myself, it's all fate, and I'm satisfied with my life.

The most beautiful things in my twenties until I entered the artistic path, everything is a memory and beautiful memories in me. When entering married life, I see joy in a different way even though the freedom is not much anymore. However, having a husband who considers him as a soulmate with two lovely children, I think this life is a very special gift for me."

Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband - Photo 9

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