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Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Na's sister

Đình Như20:31:25 21/03/2024
Tran Lap Nong (born October 3, 2000 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is known as a male singer and member of the band Nine Percent (9%). In 2018, he excellently won second place. when participating in the Idol Trainee program.

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Thai Tu Khon acted offensively on stage, shocking Tran Lap Nong, fans: 'I thought it was good'

Yang Mi14:27:19 08/07/2023
The love scandal that made others pregnant and f.orced abortion of Thai Tu Khon has not yet subsided, but recently, a series of objectionable actions of the male idol while in the group of Nine Percent once again caused fierce controversy.

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Huynh Xiaoming had an accident and had to 'implant screws' on his b.ody

Thư Kỳ10:53:09 03/10/2022
In the midst of rumors of dating a young hotgirl after only a few months of divorce, actor Huynh Xiaoming unfortunately had an accident and was hospitalized for treatment, causing many fans to worry about his health and safety. After 9 months of officially divorcing Angelababy...

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