Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anh's ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up

Phúc SenApr 17, 2024 at 17:27

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Actor Tran Bao Son is a name that is no longer strange to movie lovers. He is also known as Truong Ngoc Anh's ex-husband. After the divorce, the two still maintain a friendly relationship and take care of their daughter.

Tran Bao Son was born in 1972, known to the audience through films such as Immortal Legend, Fateful Crossroads, Children of the Village... Tran Bao Son married Truong Ngoc Anh in 2005. Three years later, They welcomed their first daughter - Bao Tien (English name Devon Tran). Unable to find common ground after 9 years of living together, the two agreed to divorce in early 2014.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 1

After the divorce, Tran Bao Son and his ex-wife remained friends, occasionally attending each other's movie premieres. He said if one of them has a problem, the other is ready to support and help. He often receives compliments from his ex-wife. Actress Huong Ga once revealed that in her eyes, Bao Son is a good man and an exemplary father. She feels that there are few fathers who love and care for their children like her ex-husband.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 2

The actor revealed that his daughter currently lives with her mother and studies in Vietnam. Initially, he intended to take his c.hild to the US to study and let his family take care of him. But now I think it's more suitable for my c.hild to live in Vietnam. He and his ex-wife agreed to let Devon Tran finish 12th grade before bringing their c.hild to the US because they wanted him to keep his roots and have more exposure to Vietnamese culture.

The soul-winning actor said that over the years, he and his ex-wife have always discussed frankly about raising their children to find the best solution. With difficult problems, they discuss together and find solutions based on their children's decisions. Both often give comments based on respect for Devon Tran's way of dressing, communicating, and behaving in life.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 3

Devon is said to have inherited his father's face. Tran Bao Son said that although his work is busy, he always takes the time to see and take care of his children as much as possible. Tran Bao Son's house is only a 10-minute drive from Truong Ngoc Anh's house in Ho Chi Minh City, so he often sees his children. He feels secure when his children are educated in a good environment. Even though they don't live together, he always wants his children to live happily and grow up with the full love of both parents.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 4

Tran Bao Son often brings his daughter back to the US to visit her father's family and travel. To him, a daughter is a studious, obedient, understanding, and emotional g.irl. Devon shows artistic talent and likes music. However, the actor wants her daughter to prioritize her schoolwork. He said that if Devon wants to pursue art in the future, he and his ex-wife both support it.

Talking about raising children together, Tran Bao Son revealed: "We frankly discuss to come up with the best solutions for our children. But above all, we both understand and respect our children's decisions, not Force the c.hild to do what the parents want. If there are difficult problems, we discuss together to come up with a solution for the c.hild, for example, giving them advice on how to dress or teach them how to communicate continue and behave in life".

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 5

In 2021, Tran Bao Son suddenly announced publicly that he had a second daughter - Bao Khanh (also known as Kendall Tran) but did not r.eveal anything more. This made the audience curious, thinking that the actor had new happiness after the divorce. The actor also admitted to the media about his breakup with his girlfriend: "After the divorce, I admitted that I was in a relationship with someone new. We have a b.aby girl named Bao Khanh together. However, our relationship ended 2 years ago."

"Even though I don't have a perfect home, in return I have 2 obedient and lovely daughters. To me, my children are the greatest happiness at present. I feel satisfied and happy with life. mine," ex-husband Truong Ngoc Anh added.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 6

Tran Bao Son said he currently lives in both the US and Vietnam. His family settled abroad and his main job was in Vietnam, so he made moving between the two places a habit. Occasionally, he attends events of some close colleagues and partners.

Tran Bao Son in the past 9 years has acted in many films such as Soul Capture, Wings in Mid-Air, Quyen ... He participated in the production of the films Sacrifice for a B.oy's Life , Girls 2 - Girls and Gangsters . In 2020, he filmed the movie Endless Road - the largest budget project he has ever invested in. 30% of the film was filmed in the US, but due to the outbreak, production plans had to be postponed. He said he still has a lot of 'fire' in cinema. He still wants to act but is more picky about his roles. Having participated in 10 movies and all of them had a certain impression, he did not want to take on a character that was not sharp.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 7

At age 52, he considers family the most important thing. 'I travel a lot and learn a lot, so I have an open mind and realize that family is the safest place for me. I often spend time back in the US to visit my family. I feel my life is just enough,' he said. Tran Bao Son works hard at the gym, swims and eats scientifically to maintain a stylish appearance and strong b.ody in middle age.

Tran Bao Son: Truong Ngoc Anhs ex-husband had a c.hild with his new lover and immediately broke up - Photo 8

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