Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it?

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In addition to blockbuster action movies and the noise of neglecting his biological daughter, Tom Cruise also receives a lot of attention from the public about his dating. Recently, information appeared that the actor had a crush on Angelina Jolie.

Possessing the world's most handsome face, a net worth of more than 600 million USD and a reputation that few people can match in Hollywood, Tom Cruise makes the world public curious because he has no official romantic relationship. since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012. He is rumored to be dating a number of beauties but has never confirmed it.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 1

The actor's most recent girlfriend, born in 1962, was given to Elsina Khayrova (37 years old), daughter of a famous Russian congressman and ex-wife of diamond tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov. However, according to international press, the two "went their separate ways" earlier this year, after less than 12 months together.

In May, the media spread rumors that the Mission: Impossible star was in love with famous actress Angelina Jolie.

A person close to Tom Cruise revealed on Heat World (an English entertainment magazine published by Bauer Media Group, a German multimedia group) that the Top G.un actor commented that Brad Pitt's ex-wife had could be his perfect puzzle piece and is determined to make their friendship deeper.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 2

"Over the past few years, they've been talking about working together, it's just a matter of finding the right project. Recently, Angie seems to be more open to getting to know him on social media. Tom ca praised Angie's intelligence and that she was a strong, impressive woman. He liked that she never really fit in for Hollywood. Plus, they were both superstars, to name a few Few people can truly understand the life they are living. That in itself creates a bond," the source said.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 3

According to Heat World, after three failed marriages with actresses Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise always looked for Mrs. Cruise last. Having also gone through three marriages, Angelina had other priorities when she said no to dating for 8 years since ending with Brad Pitt, instead focusing on taking care of her 6 children. However, at the present time, when most of the children are old enough to be adults, insiders say that the beauty born in 1975 is ready to accept the next stage of her life.

The source emphasized that Tom has grasped this signal and is preparing to take steps in his plan to conquer Angelina.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 4

"His goal right now is to convince her to work with him, and then develop a romantic relationship with her. He's careful not to seem too pushy, but he wants Take them out of the friend zone," the close person said.

According to sources, Tom Cruise even considered the issue of religious differences. Although he was famous for leaving his wife and children rather than leaving Scientology in the past, the actor is said to have no intention of forcing Angelina to join the scandalous sect because he understands that it could push the beautiful woman away. away from you,

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 5

Representatives of Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie did not comment on the information published by Heat World.

As for Angelina Jolie, she was recently spotted having dinner with friends in Italy. The images and clips show the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actress wearing black, wearing fashionable glasses, and letting her hair loose during the exchange.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 6

She kept a happy mood and did not care about the rumors appearing online. Many people are curious about the attitude of the female stars' children, especially Pax Thien (who opposes Brad Pitt) will react to rumors about their mother.

Tom Cruise wants to pursue Angelina Jolie out of sympathy, does Pax Thien support it? - Photo 7

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