Thuong Tin "accused" Trinh Kim Chi of ambiguity of insurance m.oney, arbitrarily calling, how did the owner react?

Hoàng PhúcDec 20, 2021 at 12:07

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Thuong Tin affirmed that Trinh Kim Chi voluntarily stood up to call without consulting, he did not have a word to ask for.

In a meeting with a newspaper on the afternoon of December 19, Thuong Tin shared about the noise related to m.oney calling from Trinh Kim Chi. The actor said before, when asking for support, Trinh Kim Chi said he would use m.oney to buy insurance for his daughter. Later, when he saw something vague, he asked about the documents "I know it is paid, but it has only been paid for a year". "She said that she would pay a lump sum, but the insurance side would not allow it, although she said it was paid before. Now she has to pay the insurance m.oney back, so that we can buy insurance for my c.hild anywhere. This is m.oney from the online community for me, not for Trinh Kim Chi," he said.

Thuong Tin "accused" Trinh Kim Chi of ambiguity of insurance m.oney, arbitrarily calling, how did the owner react? - Photo 1

According to Thuong Tin, he also asked a lawyer, and this person said: "Anyone can do this file, I can do 10." Therefore, the actor Saigon Ranger wants his colleague to send the m.oney back. He said: "Then she said to return the m.oney to the online community, I said pay it because we don't need it. I thought we were scared, but then said that it would be complicated to pay. complex".

In the conversation, Thuong Tin denied the wasteful story as the information posted by the online community. The actor said that after receiving more than 100 million VND from Trinh Kim Chi, he repaired the car given to him by a friend, to cover his life during the period of social distancing ... "If Trinh Kim Chi does not say My situation is not known to the online community, so I thank you. But that is Kim Chi's work automatically, without consulting me. I did not ask for any help," Thuong Tin said. .

Talking about the plan to use the amount of more than 240 million after receiving it from Trinh Kim Chi, Thuong Tin said: "Now I put it all in the bank for my c.hild, so that the interest can send him to school. Because I promised already paid, if Trinh Kim Chi doesn't pay, then return it to me to close another bank to get profit for my children. It's absurd to say that I take the m.oney back to use it."

Thuong Tin "accused" Trinh Kim Chi of ambiguity of insurance m.oney, arbitrarily calling, how did the owner react? - Photo 2

Being told "ambiguously" by his seniors, voluntarily standing up to call, Trinh Kim Chi spoke up. The actress revealed that when Thuong Tin was hospitalized, she talked with the actor's wife. She also confirmed that she asked her colleague's permission to buy insurance for his daughter.

"If I don't pay, how will people deliver the insurance paper. Besides, I have recorded the video properly, everyone has seen it. This insurance company works properly, there is a representative to deliver it right away. ", Kim Chi explained.

Thuong Tin "accused" Trinh Kim Chi of ambiguity of insurance m.oney, arbitrarily calling, how did the owner react? - Photo 3

The stepmother actress said that she was responsible for the amount of m.oney donated by benefactors, so when she handed it over, she asked her senior to sign for it. Explaining about keeping the amount of more than 240 million without paying a lump sum to the insurance company, Trinh Kim Chi said: "Initially, I thought this insurance would pay once. But when deciding to buy, the company side. told me to only pay by the year, so I told Mr. Tin to keep this m.oney to pay each year.

When I closed the first year, they gave the contract to Mr. Tin's wife, and he was there that day. I have a decent clip."

"Fortunately, at that time, I carefully returned, but I don't know why. From now on, when I ask where the insurance paper is, I'm bewildered, so I don't know if Mr. Tin still keeps it or not. But if I don't pay the m.oney. How can I have that file? It's not true that Mr. Tin said that I didn't pay insurance, "said Trinh Kim Chi.

Trinh Kim Chi also said that she always wanted to keep a good image for her seniors, hoping that the actor would have a stable life with his wife and children. But if the king of the screen once thought and talked about himself like that, she was extremely sad.

"Anyway, he's my colleague and senior, so hopefully that's not the case," Kim Chi shared.

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