Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss

Hoàng PhúcFeb 21, 2023 at 17:24

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Thieu Anh Duong suddenly "disappeared" while being the expected male actor of the screen. More than 30 years have passed since leaving the cinema, information about him is increasingly scarce. It is known that he is currently a big boss in the banking industry.

Thieu Anh Duong is a famous actor of Vietnamese cinema. He came to cinema by accident and also shined by accident. When he was 17-18 years old, he dreamed of becoming an actor. As a result, he passed the entrance exam to the first film school with Ly Hung, Diem Huong, Ngoc Hiep... and created success in his career.

Thieu Anh Duong: An unknown actor flashed on the Vietnamese screen

Bitter Love is the first film that Thieu Anh Duong participates in acting. In the film, he only appeared for a few short seconds in the role of a brother and sister. But that was enough for the keen-eyed directors to recognize his talent. In the 1990s, Thieu Anh Duong was a name sought after by Ly Hung and Le Cong Tuan Anh. But if those stars were swept away by the instant noodle series, Thieu Anh Duong still chose his own path. He is loved by the audience with films such as Love Song in the Night, Alluvial Roads, Tay Do Beauty...

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 1

Asked about the reason for choosing an acting career, Thieu Anh Duong once shared simply that he chose because of his passion, not as an engineer as his parents wanted. Because of this, he completely disappointed his parents.

Remembering when he was a student at an art school, Thieu Anh Duong admitted that at that time he was a naive, naughty, destructive c.hild, lacking in knowledge. "I don't know who I am. No love, no m.oney, no career... generally nothing," he said honestly.

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 2

Actor Thieu Anh Duong shared: "When I was in school, I was almost kicked out of class for being unruly and quarreling. I said I loved the acting profession, but at that time I could not act in movies, no one could. Promises anything. Labeled actor Thieu Anh Duong, but there is no movie. On the street people ask if you studied cinema, have you acted in any movies, I dare not answer because of shame. also because of my "young" face. At that time, my girlfriend also broke up, because after all, I have no future. My parents were not supportive of my choice, so at most I was fed, It's over while my friends look at me like I'm c.razy. I'm out of my mind, over-stated, sometimes too idealistic to go c.razy. In general, I was bored at that stage, but the root of it was probably impulsiveness. copper, bluff, especially the lack of knowledge".

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 3

Then, Thieu Anh Duong suddenly shone with a series of male leads. In particular, with the male lead role in the plastic film Blade (directed by Le Hoang), Thieu Anh Duong won the Golden Lotus a.ward for the best actor at the 11th National Film Festival held in November 1996 in Hanoi. Interior.

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 4

Besides, the film has continuously won awards such as the Golden Mai A.ward for My Duyen and the Best Actor a.ward for actor Thieu Anh Duong at the Vietnam Film Festival held in 1996. My Duyen also once confided: "Among the actors who co-starred, My Duyen likes to act with Thieu Anh Duong because the age is almost the same, so the acting is very good."

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 5

The unexpected turn of the talented actor

Being a famous actor with prestigious awards, Thieu Anh Duong decided to study law. He returned as a student at the University of Law. Thieu Anh Duong explained the reason: "In those years, cinema divided into 2 trends, market films and art films. I often acted in art films, only a few films a year. Time to wait for the script, Waiting for the role, waiting for the movie to shoot, the spring age passed quickly, I didn't want to waste it, and I went to study Law - Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 6

But then it was the profession he studied to avoid wasting time that pulled him out of his passion for cinema. He ended his acting career in 1997 with the movie Tay Do Beauty to officially join the legal profession.

He built his career back from scratch. Start the life of an office worker, taking care of water. He recalled that time: "At this point, I determined, I need to focus on my expertise, create a new image, that is the image of a lawyer. Customers come to me not because they are my fans. actors, whose hiring is important, affects people's rights and lives. This is a serious matter, not entertainment, so I want them to see me from a different angle. And I refused to act in a movie even though it was my dream before."

And after many years of building a career, from an actor Thieu Anh Duong, people came to know a lawyer Thieu Anh Duong with famous litigation cases.

After many years, Thieu Anh Duong was voted "Public Lawyer". Busy with the law profession, with criminal cases, Thieu Anh Duong leaves cinema and considers cinema as just good memories of the past. Thieu Anh Duong shared: "When life changes, habits also change, even the way I read newspapers every day changes. In the past, whenever I sat in front of a newspaper, I was interested in movie information. , which movies are being filmed, which ones have just been, which scripts are getting attention, and then they will read to the artist's life, read the sharing and confiding of colleagues. I only focus on criminal news, cases under investigation, cases that are h.ot with public opinion and society."

In addition to the title of actor, lawyer, the public also knows Thieu Anh Duong through his marriage and has a daughter with wedding dress designer Kieu Viet Lien. But that marriage also ended. Thieu Anh Duong once admitted that his marriage ended because he was not selfless. But in return, he and his ex-wife considered each other as friends and had the same goal of taking good care of their daughter.

In early 2012, Thieu Anh Duong was appointed to a key position in a large Vietnamese bank. Regarding his private life, Thieu Anh Duong is living a happy life with his wife who is also a lawyer and three young children in Hanoi.

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 7

Referring to his passion for cinema, he shared, "After I switched to Law, there were still many directors who invited me to act in films. However, for various reasons, I declined. But what if in the future there are I will gladly participate in a good and attractive script about the Law industry. Because only with the content revolving around the Law industry, I can understand the best and can contribute the best".

Talking about his miracle success story, Thieu Anh Duong has advice for those who are just starting out in the profession: "The passion for the profession is very important. It is this factor that is the driving force, the catalyst to help help. each of us overcome difficulties and rise up. All difficulties that I overcame mainly through passion."

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 8

Thieu Anh Duong is satisfied with his current quiet life. Outside of work, in his spare time, he likes to go fishing, travel with his wife and children or visit relatives in his hometown.

Thieu Anh Duong: Quit showbiz even though he is as sought after as Ly Hung, 30 years later he became a big bank boss - Photo 9

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