"The goddess of billiards" Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love

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H.ot tiktoker Gam Kami has just shocked the online community, when after many years of keeping her love life a secret, she suddenly publicly announced her lover, more importantly, this is her same-sex lover. Fans immediately brought up the story to discuss.

Cami Kami is a h.ot g.irl born in 2001, one of the names that is very familiar to users of the social network TikTok. This Tay ethnic g.irl emerged as a phenomenon, thanks to her million-view clips about billiards. Currently, Gam Kami's TikTok channel has more than 9.7 million followers and more than 190 million likes. A super huge number that not everyone can achieve.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 1

Gam Kami is also considered "the goddess of billiards", her every move is of interest to netizens, the clips she posts always attract millions of views and top interactions in Vietnam. Most recently, Gam Kami, with her hotness, has made the online community confused, shocked, and surprised because the female tiktoker officially announced her lover. What makes people talk is that Gam Kami's lover is a g.irl, the same s.ex as her.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 2

Specifically, posted on his personal tiktok, Gam Kami shared two consecutive public clips of his love affair with a g.irl. This character is known to have had sweet moments with Gam Kami many times in the past. It is known that her lover's name is Yen Vy, also a famous player in the billiards industry. Cami Kami is not afraid to share the image of her cheeks touching each other's cheeks very closely, or the image of her leaning on her lover's shoulder, wrapping her arms around each other.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 3

Writing along with the clip, Gam Kami shared: "It's okay to love anyone, it's okay to be happy." Although she did not directly state that Yen Vy was her lover, with the above actions, fans seemed certain that she was officially in a relationship with Yen Vy. In the comments section, all fans expressed surprise and s.hock at Gam Kami's sudden action.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 4

In addition to the words of confusion and disbelief, netizens also left many blessings and congratulations for the couple's budding love. At the same time, I wish you both a long journey and a strong love for each other. Gam Kami also implicitly dropped emoticons into positive comments, as a sincere thank you to his fans.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 5

Currently, two public clips of Gam Kami's lover Yen Vy have attracted more than 2.7 million and more than 700 thousand views, respectively, along with hundreds of thousands of interactions. This number still shows no signs of stopping, proving that Gam Kami's attraction on social networks is extremely terrible.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 6

Recently, Gam Kami also caused a lot of stir when he publicly edited his entire face including: eyebrow tattoo, nose job, eyelid surgery, chin implant, and braces. She did not r.eveal the total cost but only revealed that she spent about 60 million VND on her nose. In his new clips, Cami Kami appears with a strange face, his features are almost difficult to recognize if not confirmed by the owner. Even Gam Kami himself had to use strong descriptions like "head change", "unrecognizable", "face completely repaired",... with his current appearance.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 7

Previously, on August 11, 2021, information on Gam Kami's 12-minute clip spread widely on social networks, causing confusion and heated discussion. Previously, there were many h.ot TikTokers like Le Bong, Tra Dang,... who were also caught in the same situation.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 8

Just when everyone was discussing endlessly and constantly "asking for links", the most mentioned owner in the story spoke up. Cami Kami responded frankly and harshly: "If anyone has a link, please send it to me, so I won't have to bother finding it."

With just this one sentence from Gam Kami, he quickly calmed the situation and dispelled the riot on social networks. Since starting to become famous, this is the first time Cami Kami has been caught up in such a big "falling from the sky" rumor.

The goddess of billiards Gam Kami publicly announced her same-sex lover, fans all fell in love - Photo 9

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