Thanh Binh's ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match?

Kim LâmMay 23, 2024 at 14:04

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The moment Thanh Binh wore a dashing black vest and matched with a beautiful g.irl, he quickly received a lot of attention. Because since the divorce from Ngoc Lan, the actor has only focused on participating in artistic activities, not mentioning his personal life.

Thanh Binh - Ngoc Lan were once one of the Vbiz couples with a fulfilling and happy married life that many people admired. However, in November 2019, the couple confirmed that they were going their separate ways after 3 years of living together. After the breakup, the two still maintained a good relationship to take care of their shared son Louis.

Recently, on her personal page, actor Thanh Binh suddenly posted a wedding photo that surprised people. He was handsome in a black suit, holding a wedding flower, smiling brightly at "that person". The bride possesses beautiful beauty, gentle like a muse.

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 1

Thanh Binh looks handsome in a groom's vest

Thanh Binh wrote: "A beautiful ending for disabled b.oy Bach Trung." It was thought that the actor was showing off wedding photos in real life, but in reality this was just a role in a new movie. The g.irl in the picture is his co-star in the movie.

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 2

People were overjoyed. Below the article, the audience left many comments such as:

- Such a beautiful couple, please make the movie fake love for real.

- At first glance, I thought it was a real wedding. It's such a beautiful couple.

- I'll push this couple's boat, they look so good together.

- The bride and groom look very compatible, wish come true.

After his divorce from Ngoc Lan, Thanh Binh affirmed that he always tried to make up for his children's feelings and maintain a good relationship with his ex-wife. He often takes time to take his son out to play and return home to visit relatives. The actor also said he still has a good relationship with his ex-wife's family.

There is also an agreement between Ngoc Lan and her ex-husband, agreeing on how to raise their children to have the best method. "When I'm with my dad, my mom is always right. When I'm with my mom, my dad is always right. That's the biggest, immutable agreement that my ex-husband and I have to follow. Anyone who makes a mistake will be 'beaten'." , actress Ngoc Lan humorously revealed.

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 3

As for Ngoc Lan, the actress once shared: "At this moment, I can confirm that I do not want to get married. If I can find a man with whom I can share, I just want stop at the level of sharing and caring for each other, not wanting to go home together.

I don't like anyone wronging my c.hild. When they come home together, if they love their children, they will have to educate them, but I don't like that. I tend to think too far ahead like that. During the last epidemic season, I was stressed because I was worried too much. I have already prepared everything, I have already made a will! I'm very independent! We give birth to children to raise them. When we bring children into this world, we have to raise them and take care of them."

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 4

Regarding the reason for making a will early, Ngoc Lan said that "because this life is very harsh, I don't know what tomorrow will be like. I often advise my friends that 'tears will flow', I should worry about my children, right?" Don't force your c.hild to raise you again. If your c.hild is filial, loves his mother too much and doesn't want me to be alone, that's his problem." Ngoc Lan shared.

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 5

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 6

Ngoc Lan and her son Louis

As for Louis's son, he often receives "winged" compliments from many audiences because of his affection and warmth. However, someone once left a comment saying: "Destitute children always understand." Immediately, the actress spoke up:

"My c.hild is not in need. Full of love from both parents and grandparents. Don't blame broken marriages or the c.hild will be unhappy. Only unhappy when their parents don't understand. I work 6 times a year. month, I understand very well the nature of my mother's work and I am happy about this."

Thanh Binhs ex-husband Ngoc Lan released wedding photos, the beautiful bride was praised as a good match? - Photo 7

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