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Tran Vy: Giving up the title of best billion because of her husband, divorced because of a sexless marriage, the new U50 regained the glory

Hoàng Phúc15:50:39 14/09/2022
For Hong Kong movie enthusiasts, Tran Vy is not a new name at all. But it wasn't until 2018, when she turned 45 years old, that she really reached the top of glory, her name covered all fronts of the media thanks to her excellent role as Princess Thai Binh in Sham Palace. Like...

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'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face"

Yang Mi08:02:26 27/04/2022
With a series of rustic, unedited, no makeup photos of Ho Tinh, it caused a wave of public opinion. Is the beauty of "historical beauty" Ho Tinh really beautiful? Not only loved by his talent, but Ho Tinh's personality makes many people admire because of his ageless beauty even...

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Jia Tinh Van has been tormented for decades because of the reputation of being unfilial

Hồng Hạnh08:58:54 10/08/2021
Gia Tinh Van surprised the audience when it came to his late father. She moved emotionally about the memorable memories of her father and son. Gia Tinh Van is definitely a name that is not strange to Vietnamese audiences. She is a cult historical beauty once on the Chinese...

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The bitter life of the princess is considered the "second martial arts"

team youtuber21:30:03 23/08/2020
Princess Thai Binh (665 - 713) is the most famous princess of the Tang Dynasty in particular and also one of the most famous princesses of the Tang Dynasty. Royal women are notorious for their ambitions for power, along with their scandalous private lives in Chinese history in general. Princess Thai Binh is the biological daughter of Duong Cao Tong...

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