Teddy: YG's "music wizard", trusted by Rosé to "entrust" her career

An NhiJun 23, 2024 at 13:19

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Teddy is known as the "music wizard" who plays the biggest role in creating the success of Blackpink, or the series of hits of 2NE1 and Big Bang. But not everyone knows, Teddy was once a famous rapper of the first generation of Kpop.

On the morning of June 17, Korean media Newsen reported exclusively that Rosé (BLACKPINK) would sign a personal contract with THE BLACK LABEL headed by producer Teddy.

THE BLACK LABEL is an entertainment company founded in 2016 by Teddy, a former member of One Time, a music group under YG Entertainment. This place currently manages many famous Kbiz artists such as TAEYANG (BIGBANG), Jeon Somi, Zion.T and actors like Park Bo Gum, Lee Jong Won.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 1

Previously, Teddy was the producer of most of BLACKPINK's hit songs, starting with their debut singles Whistle and Boombayah in 2016. In addition, "music wizard" Teddy also directly participated in composing songs. Rosé's solos like "On The Ground", "Gone".

The fact that Blackpink's main vocalist joined The Black Label received many mixed opinions from the audience. As soon as rumors of Rosé collaborating with a global record label appeared, the majority of fans supported Rosé's choice and looked forward to her future music products because Teddy is the person behind major hits. of BLACKPINK like "Boombayah", "Ddu-du Ddu-du", "Kill This Love", "How You Like That", "Pink Venom",... Perhaps, Teddy is someone who understands personality as well as musical style of the female idol.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 2

In the Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the World in 2020, Rosé shared about Teddy: "He is a producer who always listens to our stories, grasps new directions and always guides us. in our hearts, he is the fifth member."

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 3

So who is Teddy that artists value so much?

As a Kpop fan, no one knows Teddy's reputation. The music producer from YG Entertainment and founder of The Black Label is known as the "music wizard", because he is the person behind a series of catchy hits, contributing to building the reputation of groups like BIGBANG. , 2NE1, BLACKPINK,... He also composed for artists outside of YG like Sunmi and was sought after by Lady Gaga.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 4

Teddy is known as a producer, but his starting point is as a singer. He debuted in 1998 as a member of YG's hip-hop group 1TYM. From that moment on, Teddy began producing music for 1TYM and other artists under the same company.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 5

When 1TYM "frozen" its activities in 2006, Teddy completely changed his direction to become a producer. During the period 2004 - 2006, he was behind many of Se7en's hits such as Passion, La La La, or BIGBANG with We Belong Together, Sunset Glow,... Teddy's reputation as a producer began to spread widely. since then.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 6

2009 was when 2NE1 debuted and Teddy became the group's main producer. The former 1TYM member participated in composing many of 2NE1's hits such as Fire, I Don't Care, I Am The Best, Lonely,... I Don't Care is also the song that made 2NE1 famous, helping The 4 girls won the Daesang Song of the Year a.ward at MAMA 2009 even though they were still rookies at that time.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 7

Teddy keeps releasing music and it becomes a hit. The songs he is in charge of all have unique and addictive beats, so the YG producer's reputation also spreads to the West. 12 years ago, Lady Gaga invited Teddy to produce music for her.

At that time, "monster mother" was a rising US-UK star after the success of a series of songs such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game,... Collaborating with her would be a good opportunity for Teddy to step into the future. reaching new heights, its reputation goes beyond Kpop. However, Teddy refused Lady Gaga's invitation. At that time, former President Yang Hyun Suk explained that he did not accept the invitation because he was busy composing an album for 2NE1.

However, 2NE1 is not the real reason why Teddy did not work with Lady Gaga. Only later did the YG "music wizard" r.eveal that he had the principle that to give a song to any singer, he must first understand that person very well. Only when he thoroughly understands the people he works with can Teddy create music that suits their style and personality.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 8

This is best demonstrated through Blackpink's success. Teddy has been the main producer of Blackpink since the group debuted (2016) until now. Teddy is Blackpink's "Music Heart". The iconic intro "Blackpink in your area!" also made by Teddy.

Lisa once shared about Teddy with Rolling Stone: "He directs all of Blackpink. He knows us very well and always pushes us forward."

"He's like an alarm bell, reminding us to keep moving forward with music. Teddy is hip-hop to the core... And we're inheriting that," Jennie said about her role. Teddy to the group.

Throughout his career, Teddy has successfully built the brand of "music wizard", many people assume that as long as the YG producer "gets involved", the song will be successful. He is also the owner of many awards, such as the title of Best Composer at the MAMA Awards and Composer of the Year at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 9

In 2021, Teddy Park (YG Entertainment) and Yoo Young Jin (SM Entertainment) are two Korean producers appearing in the Top 50 greatest music producers of the 21st century honored by US Billboard magazine.

Teddy: YGs music wizard, trusted by Rosé to entrust her career - Photo 10

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