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Tan Lam: Co-workers are cold, what's going on with "Phu Sat Queen"?

Như Huỳnh14:32:34 20/07/2024
The cold attitude of artists in Chinese showbiz towards Tan Lam caused a stir. Tan Lam was born in 1979 and is loved for her beautiful face, luxurious and gentle charisma. She joined the entertainment industry in 2001.

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Rumor has it that Tan Lam broke up with Wei Dai Huan, the groom's family criticized him very badly?

Hoàng Phúc11:53:15 13/06/2024
Recently, the keyword Tan Lam - Wei Dai Huan broke up suddenly climbed to the top 2 h.ot searches on social network Weibo. The question of the famous Chinese showbiz couple going their separate ways stems from the revelation of the country's paparazzi.

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Qin Lam announces his marriage to Wei Dahuan, wedding information is revealed

Đình Như17:40:48 02/03/2024
During a family intimacy party held recently, famous actress Qin Lam and actor Wei Dahuan announced their decision to marry relatives and friends.

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Zhang Jianyi pushed Qin Lin to fall, being uncomfortably convex when he was 'suspended' from the Lisa case

Ning Jing14:35:57 04/11/2023
Before his long term when Weibo was discolored due to the influence of going to see Lisa, Zhang Jiayi was recently exposed to a series of concave personalities unlike what people have seen causing a stir in CNET,

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Qin Lin was rumored to be pregnant with "young love", hurriedly corrected in the night, the truth was shocking!

Tuyết Ngọc18:28:20 22/08/2023
Recently, social media circulated an image of Qin Lin coming out of the hospital's pediatric department, causing her to immediately get involved in pregnancy rumors with young love. Immediately, the actress's representative said that the above information is completely false.

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Qin Lin was caught appearing in the pediatric department of the hospital, and asked questions about Wei Dahuan?

Bình Minh20:25:58 21/08/2023
Recently, the image of Empress Qin Lam dressed tightly, walking quickly next to a close person at the hospital has caused a stir. Many questions have also been raised by netizen.

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Qin Lam and Wei Dai Huan are suspected of living together, hard to deny because of one detail

Hướng Dương22:10:16 01/08/2023
This morning, August 1, the Chinese-language media simultaneously reported the suspicion that Qin Lam and Wei Dai Huan were living in the same house, after the two were caught holding hands and walking back together.

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Revealing more evidence that Tan Lam is dating "old love" Duong Mich, avoiding his best friend because of a young man?

Krant09:05:53 21/02/2023
Recently, entertainment news site Sina has said that some netizens have caught Qin Lam and Wei Dai Huan together dating in Hainan (China). Specifically, in the photos that have been spread on social networks in the past few days, actor Qin Lam and his 10-year-old lover, Wei Dai...

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Yang Mi dodges when asked about young love Wei Dai Huan dating his best friend Qin Lam

Thư Kỳ02:40:10 01/01/2023
While Luu Khai Uy and young love Nguyen Dai Huan both openly loved, in a recent interview, when asked about this, Duong Mich was very wise, avoiding the problem. Duong Mi, not only known as one of the famous 85 flowers of Cbiz in particular and Asian entertainment in general...

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Luu Khai Uy, Wei Dai Huan "give up wages" with new love, Duong Mich has a very bitter "resentment" action

Ning Jing18:15:35 18/12/2022
After her ex-husband Luu Khai Uy and rumors of Wei Dai Huan both had a new love, Duong Mich was no less competitive when his photo was released with a powerful businessman boyfriend. There are always more missed times in life than never, and everyone has missed countless times...

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'Beauty Dien Hy Cong Luong' Tan Lam and Wei Dai Huan were released a hotel clip, Duong Mich was called out

Thư Kỳ15:28:02 15/12/2022
A few days ago, it was reported that Tan Lam - Nguoi Dai Huy were dating, but recently the duo will have no way to deny when the paparazzi released a clip of both of them back to the same hotel. Recently, on social networks, information spread about actress "Dien Hy Cong Luong"...

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Tan Lam is rumored to be dating a young master who has just been "kicked" by Duong Mich

Jennie10:05:59 13/12/2022
In front of the emotional noise, currently, Qin Lam and Wei Dai Huan have not given any official feedback. Previously, Qin Lam and Wei Dai Huan worked together in the movie "All About Doctor" (Doctor Tang). Recently, Tan Lam made a mark with the main role in the movie "All About...

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Wang Guanyao "Yanxi Gongjian": Playing cool scenes, love groves, dueling with Kim Li

11:24:23 22/11/2022
Actor Wang Guanyat, who played the bodyguard Hai Lan S.laughter in the hit film Yanxi Palace, has just been unearthed by netizens to play a cool scene with a beautiful actor. Wang Guanyat (born 5 August 1988) is a Singaporean actor, singer, presenter and model. As an actor in the...

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Duong Mich is old, dressed as an aunt, and netizens advise: "Don't act in movies anymore"

Thư Kỳ16:57:47 17/11/2022
Marking the return to the screen at the same time, two films were aired, attracting the attention of the media and netizens. However, Duong Mich was criticized for being old and tattered in the romance movie "The 80/20 Law of Love". Within a month, Duong Mich had two serials on...

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Tan Lam and his bitter love for Huynh Hieu Minh: Family bankruptcy, living alone at the age of U50

Jennie14:54:26 08/11/2022
After breaking up, Huyen Hieu Minh immediately had a new love, Ly Phi Nhi, while it took Tan Lam 3 years to get rid of this hurtful relationship. Because of public relations with Huyen Hieu Minh, Qin Lam not only lost 10 million yuan in payment for the contract, but also lost a...

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Chau Tan criticized his ignorance, the audience demanded to be kicked out of the "h.ot seat" to keep his image

N.P09:57:39 15/09/2022
As a great star who is admired and praised by many people, this is the first time in her career that Chau Tan has been criticized by the audience for being ignorant, irresponsible, even hoping the actress should leave the h.ot seat. . Recently, Chau Tan became the focus of media...

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Vu Chinh revealed 3 criteria to choose "pet chicken", turns out this is the reason why Chau Tan was criticized so badly?

Hoàng Phúc22:13:53 10/09/2022
As a person who has the ability to help actors become stars, Vu Chinh also sets many standards to find a suitable and potential face. With the above 3 things, many people have to change and improve themselves to "catch the eyes" of screenwriter Vu Chinh. Yu Zheng was born in...

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'Queen Phu Sa' Tan Lam shocked with a thin b.ody like a toothpick

Thư Kỳ21:10:14 10/09/2022
No longer an ethereal and elegant "Queen Killer", Tan Lam now makes many people startled by his thin b.ody and skinny legs like a reed. After the success of the role of Phu Sat Queen of Dien Hy Cong Luong, Tan Lam was loved by many people, interested in the media as well as the...

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Heat Ba - Duong Mich '10 points' on the catwalk, Trieu Le Dinh is weak, so he settles down as an actor

Nắng11:14:24 03/09/2022
In Chinese showbiz, there are quite a few artists who become the representative of a certain brand. And then at the big events of the brand, these stars will become the main characters striding on the catwalk of that brand. As an actor, so their fashion show skills are not much...

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Yang Mi can't forgive these 4 female stars, one of them used to be a "good sister"

An Nhi11:36:17 17/06/2022
Known as one of the artists with a wide relationship in the entertainment world with high EQ, Duong Mich also has his own rules. Accordingly, she decided not to hang out with these 4 female stars. Duong Mich was born in 1986, known in 2004 for his role as Quach Tuong in The...

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Zhang Ziyi, Ni Ni and the Chinese stars let the assistants kneel to serve and serve

Hou00e0ng Anh14:08:56 16/05/2022
Despite being applauded by thousands and tens of thousands of people, the casual act of letting assistants serve as kings and queens still makes these stars receive many bricks and stones. A lot of controversy revolves around whether stars should let assistants and employees...

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"Teddy Sisters Association" Duong Mich, Ly Tieu Lo, Tan Lam, ... and turbulent private life story

Tài08:10:14 19/02/2022
Duong Mich, Huo Tu Yen, Ly Tieu Lo... are close friends who once formed the "Teddy Family" group. From the most powerful stars, now their lives have changed a lot. On February 16, Sina reported that the seemingly perfect marriage of Hoo Tu Yen and Do Giang encountered turbulence...

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Chau Hai My, Tan Lam and Cbiz beauties worship celibacy, making men regret it

Hoàng Phúc07:25:57 01/02/2022
Although very beautiful and talented, these female stars for many different reasons worship "celibacy", making men only regret. Along with the rapid development of society, the lifestyle and thinking of each person also gradually change. Many things that used to be of special...

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Huynh Xiaoming sparked divorce rumors with Angelababy when he did this on his son's birthday?

Duyên Trần15:43:29 18/01/2022
Recently, Huynh Xiaoming shared a series of warm pictures with her son on Little Sponge's 5th birthday. Accompanied by a series of lovely pictures, Huynh Xiaoming also reminded his son: "I have turned five years old, I don't know how much longer my father can carry me". With...

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