Thanksgiving And Royal Consort

Topic: Thanksgiving And Royal Consort

Cecilia Cheung and Vuong Phi were put on the scales at the big show, Nicholas Tse spoke out harshly

Bình Yên14:34:40 28/11/2023
Cecilia Cheung bought a house in Shanghai and transferred her children's schools here. Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse lives at Vuong Phi's villa in Beijing and regularly goes to Hong Kong to visit his parents and handle work.

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Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi

Nắng16:00:14 25/11/2023
Recently, when Tse attended an event and was asked if he would celebrate Christmas with Vuong Phi this year, the actor did not answer but his face was very sweet, r.evealing a rare shyness.

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Nicholas Tse admits to breaking up with Vuong Phi because the singer has a new love, fans want to remarry Truong Ba Chi?

Jisoo15:07:10 07/01/2023
After fans and netizens heard that Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi broke up, they called on the actor to find Truong Ba Chi to remarry. After all, if the two reunite, Nicholas Tse can reunite with his two sons and continue to grow up with them. Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi have not had...

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Would Nicholas Tse marry Vuong Phi more than 20 years ago without Truong Ba Chi?

Jennie10:46:51 27/10/2022
Later, Nicholas Tse and his former lover Vuong Phi lived a happy life, he did not even ask about Truong Ba Chi. As for Truong Ba Chi, she has never remarried because of her children. If asked about the most scandalous marriage in the Chinese entertainment industry, surely many...

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How does Nicholas Tse evaluate Truong Ba Chi as a woman compared to Vuong Phi?

Jennie11:26:01 30/09/2022
When Nicholas Tse married Truong Ba Chi, he had only broken up with Vuong Phi not long ago. Meanwhile, the queen of the music industry has just married Ly A Bang. Many people think that the reason why the actor surnamed Ta got married in a hurry is because he wants to take...

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Truong Ba Chi has a new boyfriend, looks very handsome, Nicholas Tse immediately sent his blessings?

An Nhi11:22:38 18/07/2022
Chinese netizens are constantly stirring up at the news that actress Truong Ba Chi has found new happiness. Accordingly, ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong also sent her blessings. Currently Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi are in love, but Truong Ba Chi is still alone. Many netizens hope that...

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Nicholas Tse - Vuong Phi revealed a super rare dating photo, just one gesture is enough to see that she loves him to the fullest

An Nhi18:09:41 04/04/2022
The love of the "sister" couple Ta Dinh Phong and Vuong Phi has always been a topic of public interest. The reunion of the century of Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi in 2014 shocked the Asian entertainment industry. The couple continued to prolong their 20-year love affair by moving...

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