Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives"

Hoàng PhúcSep 20, 2022 at 15:50

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Thanks to the image of the role of "Quan Am Bodhisattva" in the movie Journey to the West, actress Ta Dai Phan is revered by many audiences. In real life, she also has a peaceful life with her grandchildren.

More than 30 years have passed since its broadcast, but until now, Journey to the West is still a movie that is loved by many generations of audiences. Not only has the content attractive and attractive, the work also brings together a talented and loving cast. Thanks to their ecstatic incarnation, the characters in Journey to the West seem to be "resurrected" on the small screen and become classic images.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 1

It can be said that in the movie, in addition to the 4 teachers and students of Tang Tang, Guan Yin Bodhisattva is also one of the characters that left the deepest impression on viewers. The person who takes on this role is the female artist Ta Dai Phan.

Close relationship with Chairman Mao Zedong

In the veteran cast of Journey to the West 1986, "Bodhisattva" Ta Dai Phan is one of the few artists who still maintain good health and regularly attend entertainment events.

Zuo Daifen was born on March 22, 1943 in Hunan province, China. She was originally a theater artist, falling in love with the role of Guan Yin Bodhisattva thanks to her predestined relationship with Chairman Mao Zedong.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 2

Accordingly, in the last years of his life, Chairman Mao expressed his desire to see a traditional opera. Hunan art troupe where Ta Dai Phan worked was invited to perform. They chose to perform "Fairy wishes for a long life" with the implication that they hope the leader's health recovers soon.

"Duong Khiet was the director chosen to perform that play. That year, I just turned 33 years old. I played the role of Bodhisattva. When watching my performance, Duong Khiet immediately said that I acted like Avalokitesvara, she also said. In the future, if I need an actor to play Quan The Am, I will definitely invite me," Ta Dai Phan shared.

"My life is famous as it is now because of my predestined relationship with Chairman Mao Zedong," she added.

Accordingly, Ta Daifen met Chairman Mao for the first time at the age of 13. That year, she was a c.hild actress performing at a troupe in Beijing. When she saw him, she kept forgetting the lines. Chairman Mao also teased: "This g.irl is too forgetful".

In 1959, she met the president again while performing in a play in Hunan. "I almost forgot Vuong Ngoc Hoan's lines when I saw him," she recalled. After performing the play, Ta Dai Fen was invited by a photographer close to Chairman Mao to stay. "Chairman Mao wants to invite you to dance," the person said.

Hearing that, Ta Dai Phan refused because he couldn't dance. She was taught a few dance moves before going to meet the president. "When we dance together, I don't dare say a word, but the president is the one to remove the difficulties and happily chat with me," she said.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 3

Baidu said that since then, every time Chairman Mao came to Hunan, the troupe also assigned Zuo Dafen to perform and stay to talk. Their relationship is getting closer and closer.

The story of Ta Daifen and Mao Zedong sharing a cup of tea is still being told a lot in the media.

The media also said that based on this relationship, colleagues in the world must respect her to some extent. In Hunan art troupe, Ta Dai Phan has a solid position that is hard to replace.

In addition to acting, Zuo Dafen used to hold the position of Vice President of Hunan Drama Association, member of Hunan Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial Youth Association.

Get people to bow down and set up an altar

When director Duong Khiet chose Ta Dai Phan to play the role of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, the secretary of the set of Journey to the West at that time was Ly Thanh Nho who opposed her because of her advanced age, but Duong Khiet still insisted on her decision. choose an actress.

On the Sina page, the audience rated Ta Dai Phan as not the most beautiful artist ever to play the role of a Bodhisattva, but she exuded a compassionate and compassionate temperament with a face that was both serious and gentle.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 4

Because of the incomparable temperament, when the film crew went to the rural mountainous areas to shoot outdoor scenes, many people mistakenly thought Ta Dai Phan was an epiphany bodhisattva, all knelt down to worship her.

Ta Dai Phan at that time panicked and told the people: "I'm not a Bodhisattva, I'm just an actor".

Another time, Ta Dai Phan also took advantage of the time when other actors were filming to go to a small temple next to the group to worship the Bodhisattva. But because of the limited filming time, she did not have time to change her costume, causing people to think that the Bodhisattva had come to kneel down to bow and threaten the actress to run away.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 5

After Journey to the West created a fever in China, Ta Dai Fen was widely believed to be a "living Bodhisattva". During a visit to an audience member's house, the actress discovered that the family had set up an altar to the Bodhisattva with her image in the film. The photo also says "Tai Dai Phan as Guanyin Bodhisattva".

The veteran actor asked the host why he took out the actor's picture to worship, which would damage her life. But the family still insists it is Guan Yin Bodhisattva and they have worshiped for the past decade. Ta Dai Phan could not be persuaded so he bowed to "Amitabha Buddha", then walked like running.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 6

In addition, during the filming process, Ta Dai Phan encountered many miraculous stories, difficult to explain. For example, while other actors often have to work hard to reshoot many times, Ta Dai Phan only needs to shoot one double. Even the actors involved in the same scene with her also completed the job smoothly.

Or on the day of filming, it rained heavily, but as soon as Ta Dai Phan appeared, it suddenly became sunny, and the bad weather became beautiful.

U80 age is healthy and lucid

Regarding his private life, Ta Dai Phan lives a private life, does not share much about his family with the media. There is information that the female artist did not get married or gave birth to children, but has been single until now.

However, in fact, Ta Dai Phan has an extremely complete family. Her husband's name is Tieu Cao Thich, 5 years older than her. The two were destined to work together at the Hunan troupe.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 7

Like his wife, Mr. Tieu Cao Thich is very talented and has made many contributions to the country's theater. He used to be the director of the Hunan Peking Opera Theater and the principal of two prestigious art schools.

After getting married, artist Ta Dai Phan and his wife had a son together. Up to now, even though they have lived together for 50 years, their feelings are still attached and ironic.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 8

Currently, "Quan Am Bodhisattva" Ta Dai Phan has turned 79 years old. She lives together, happily with her husband and children in Hunan. Because of her warm life, despite her advanced age, the female artist is still very healthy and sharp.

Every day, she often gets up early, recites Buddhist scriptures, takes care of the garden, trees, and house. She also went to the temple to do meritorious deeds, listening to monks preach about Buddhism.

Occasionally, artist Ta Dai Phan also participates in some art events, meeting with actors in the film Journey to the West that year. In addition, although she has retired, she is still passionate about teaching acting experiences to younger generations.

Ta Dai Phan - "Bodhisattva" Journey to the West: People set up altars and worshiped because they thought "Buddha lives" - Photo 9

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