Suho: EXO's "mother", dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent

Châu AnhMay 26, 2024 at 13:15

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Suho first debuted to the public as the leader of group EXO, managed by "big guy" SM Entertainment. Over the past 10 years, Suho has always been the big brother, becoming the model of a standard, hard-working and good leader idol.

Suho's real name is Kim Joonmyun, and he grew up in Apgujeong, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Korea. Siwon (Super Junior) also lives here. The male idol comes from a family of teachers, his father is a famous professor and his mother is a former teacher. The male idol is quite secretive about his personal life, rarely mentioning his family background.

Next, he said he used to study at school in Gangnam. Like Xiumin, Suho also works as an artist while studying for a master's degree at a prestigious university.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 1

It is known that Suho has longed to sing since he was an elementary school student. However, his parents were against his dream. Until middle school, Suho was scouted by SM entertainment company.

With his parents' consent, Suho attended SM's audition and began becoming a trainee. Suho had a 7-year trainee period starting at the end of 2005. He is also the member with the longest trainee period in EXO.

Suho is a talented leader and good personality. Team leader Suho plays an important role in leading and lifting the spirits of the members. The male idol was praised for reaching the peak of glory with his own strength even though he had a noble background.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 2

In addition, SM's manager also praised Suho as an idol with a golden personality when always giving warm words of encouragement to everyone. Suho is also known as "EXO's mother" as he always covers and protects the members and is a kind and kind person. In a survey, surpassing RM (BTS), EXO's Suho was the best leader in Kpop

True to the nature of a big brother, from the smallest things, Suho always watches over his brothers and appears by their side as soon as needed. Since debut until now, Suho has proven time and time again that he is the "dream" leader of EXO.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 3

During EXO's "ExplOration" tour in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the moment Suho rushed over to check on Baekhyun's condition when he saw that he could not continue the performance and bent down. But fortunately, this situation was simply due to Baekhyun's wig getting entangled, causing him to stop to untangle his hair. When Suho saw that Baekhyun was okay, he immediately opened his mouth and smiled. This has proven that he is someone who always worries about his group members.

Right from his appearance, Suho exudes a regal aura and luxurious appearance. Since his debut, Suho has always been highly appreciated by aestheticians for possessing a golden ratio face. The male idol always exudes a royal aura thanks to his thick eyebrows, high nose bridge and bright, gentle smile.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 4

EXO members revealed that Suho has a hobby of golf - a recreational sport for the rich. Ever since he was a trainee, the male idol has always generously paid for his brothers' meals. There was even a time when Suho spent up to 800,000 won, equivalent to more than 16 million VND, for a meal. Because of these things, the male idol is often mentioned as a "giant".

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 5

Not only was he rich from the start, his artistic activities also helped Suho earn a huge income. It is known that by 2021, his net worth is up to 186 billion VND, becoming the richest member of the EXO group. The male idol himself also said that he has earned a lot of m.oney from many different sources of income thanks to his solo activities, especially musicals.

In 2018, his acting ability in the play The Last Kiss quickly caught the attention of the audience and won many glorious awards. The male idol continued to demonstrate his talent through the role of Gwynplaine in the play The Man Who Laughs .

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 6

Next, he also appeared in many television dramas from supporting roles to main roles such as: Prime Minister and I, How Are You Bread, The Universe's Star, Rich Man... Although not as successful as the musical stage, thanks to his impressive roles, Suho's acting career is supported by the public and has a lot of faith in the future.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 7

Not possessing a special or high-pitched voice like Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin, but Suho has an inspiring and warm voice. Few people know that, when he was a trainee, Suho hurt his leg and couldn't dance for a year. However, he did not give up training after recovering. Even though he is not the main dancer in the group, Suho always brings strong and energetic choreography.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 8

With all that EXO has achieved, Suho has every right to brag. But while proud of their achievements as a group and as individuals, the singer r.emains humble and kind. He never ignores the efforts of the entire Kpop community and gives them praise in interviews and events. He detailed how EXO and other groups are working to promote Korean music and culture to the world.

Furthermore, Suho continuously gives his respect to his seniors and juniors. He never forgets to thank his seniors and cheer up his juniors in the industry.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 9

Coming from a wealthy, well-educated family, Suho not only has top beauty, good singing and dancing skills, but also possesses an admirable golden personality. He was praised by fans as a true "people's son" of Kpop. Next, the male idol also attracted attention with his swordfish skills through many outstanding fishing activities, making everyone who heard it feel envious and jealous.

Suho: EXOs mother, dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent - Photo 10

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