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'Miss Philanthropy' of Miss Vietnam Businesswoman contest Minh Phi was arrested for fraudulently appropriating property

Juni Nguyễn10:20:24 21/09/2023
Known as a beauty queen with a philanthropic heart, unexpectedly recently Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur 2022 - Pham Thi Minh Phi has just been detained by Lam Dong Provincial Police for property appropriation.

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Mom took me to "electrocoagulation" to treat armpit odor at the spa, the g.irl was hospitalized with 2 armpits "charred", necrosis

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:42:21 30/08/2023
After being sent by her mother to electrocauterize underarm odor at a spa, the armpit area of the 12-year-old g.irl (in Hung Yen) was swollen red, with lots of black discharge and purulent discharge. Family members quickly admitted him to the National Dermatology Hospital.

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The g.irl was "physically affected" by the spa owner because of j.ealousy: Now she dares not go out, her face is sad

Keng09:34:14 05/07/2023
The case of an underage g.irl who was physically affected, specifically by a spa owner out of j.ealousy, has caused a stir on social networks. After the incident, the victim's spirit was confused and did not dare to go out on the street.

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NEW: The Nemo page trembled with anger, officially launched a plan to deal with Spa releasing sensitive photos on social networks

Nam Phương11:15:54 12/01/2023
Page Nemo could not hide his anger at Spa's unprofessional way of working. Currently, the beauty has come up with a treatment plan to "deter" and avoid the recurrence of the same case. A few days ago, the photo of Trang Nemo going to "rejuvenate" the sensitive area was suddenly...

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Quach Ngoc Tuyen's wife was confused when she was diagnosed with cancer and cheated her money

Thuý Minh09:32:43 05/01/2023
Admired by many people for the love story, recently, the 13-year-old wife "accused" Quach Ngoc Tuyen "disgusted" when she was informed that she had a b.aby, r.evealing that her husband psychologically protected his wife from public opinion made MC Ngoc Lan complimented all the...

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HOT: Cosmetic spa with Filler injection makes customers blind but irresponsible: The victim is a single mother of 2 children

Nam Phương12:03:54 25/09/2022
Before receiving the results of n.ecrosis leading to permanent blindness in one eye, the spa committed to supporting the victim as long as the case went smoothly. However, after giving an amount of m.oney, the family member was blocked from contacting, along with the answer "your...

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HOT: Cosmetic spa accused of cutting eyes with serious consequences, painful victims commit suicide

Nam Phương15:38:20 04/08/2022
The victim's son said that the indirect cause of his mother's d.eath was a poor quality spa in Hai Duong. He affirmed that he would do everything to get justice for his late mother. Faced with the increasing demand for beauty, ineligible beauty and spa facilities are still...

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