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Nham Gia Luan and Thanh Nghi Lo are suspected of "turning on" each other even though they are "living in the same house"?

Mai Trúc07:43:09 28/11/2023
Thanh Nghi and Nham Gia Luan are considered the golden egg-laying hens of Hoan Thuy Century. However, recently, netizens discovered a detail that raises suspicions that these two male stars are turning on each other even though they live in the same house.

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Duong Mich "exposed" her true beauty when sitting next to "senior" Truong Tu Di

Tiểu Trúc15:05:00 27/11/2023
As the top beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry, Duong Mich and Zhang Ziyi's rare shared frame moment attracted the attention of the online community. However, the beauty named Duong revealed her true beauty when sitting next to her seniors.

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Bach Loc revealed one thing he wanted to change in the past, related to how long have netizens been "eyeing" him?

Anh Thụy13:32:40 27/11/2023
Recently, in an interview, when asked if he could go back to the past, what would Bach Loc want to change? Immediately, she chose to change something that netizens had been eyeing for a long time.

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Dam Tung Van "buried" the pain of losing his mother suddenly, in contrast to his usual loving appearance

Cát Cát06:52:23 27/11/2023
In contrast to his brilliant career and loving appearance, Dam Tung Van carries within himself the pain of losing his mother that cannot be relieved. Not only that, the person who caused the accident only received a light penalty because of his power.

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Liu Yifei leaned her head on her shoulder, watching the fireworks with a famous star who has been together for many years.

Thanh Thanh09:32:06 25/11/2023
Recently, social networks went c.razy over the moment Liu Yifei leaned her head on her shoulder and watched fireworks with a famous star. It is known that the two's relationship has been formed and has been close for many years.

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Tran Ngan Hanh: The fierce "Miss 4" of Happy Family, reveals the reason for leaving TVB even though many viewers love it

Mai Trúc07:57:27 25/11/2023
Although Tran Ngan Hanh is not famous, he is a very familiar face to TVB movie enthusiasts. The actress is especially noticed and loved by the audience through her role as the fierce Kim Nhat in the hit movie Happy Family.

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Lau Duc Hoa choked up when he reported the news of his biological father's d.eath. Netizens were touched by the last photo of father and son

Đào Thị06:58:05 25/11/2023
Through his management company, Andy Lau officially announced that his biological father had passed away peacefully with his relatives. The final photo of father and son together made people emotional.

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Dam Tung Van was "harmed" by people in the film crew, is it at risk of affecting his career?

Thanh Anh15:33:05 24/11/2023
Dam Tung Van is one of the leading flower girls of the 90s in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, her career is at risk of falling down because people in the film crew harmed her.

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Tse Thien Hoa: TVB's famous "Mr. Laughing" changed his life thanks to moving to the mainland to develop his career

Cát Cát08:41:02 24/11/2023
The role of Mr. Laughing helped Tse Thien Hoa become a famous name on the TVB screen and also influenced the international level. Recently, he moved to the mainland to develop his career and achieved certain achievements.

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Trieu Le Dinh revealed her ideal husband model, very different from her "ex-husband" Phung Thieu Phong

Mai Trúc06:34:59 24/11/2023
Recently, social networks suddenly resurfaced an interview of Trieu Le Dinh talking about the most ideal husband. Accordingly, many people believe that this model is very different from her ex-husband Phung Thieu Phong.

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Liu Yifei is living with a special character, everyone is surprised to know his identity?

Đào Thị14:33:02 23/11/2023
As one of the prominent female stars of the Chinese screen, Liu Yifei's every move always attracts people's attention. Recently, people discovered that she was living with a special character, everyone was surprised to know her identity.

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Ngo Loi was praised for his "good character" for doing something while his "old lover" Trieu Lo Tu was criticized?

Anh Thụy11:04:54 23/11/2023
In recent days, Trieu Lo Tu has been entangled in controversy because of his uncharitable actions with his assistant. Recently, Ngo Loi was praised for his good character for doing something while his on-screen ex-lover was criticized.

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Tieu Chien proves his "class" in Cbiz, doing something that few people can do?

Thanh Thanh06:42:11 23/11/2023
Having become famous for his investment in Chinese-language films, Tieu Chien always maintains his form by continuously setting a series of new records. Recently, the actor proved his class in Cbiz, doing something that few people can do.

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Bach Loc could not "control" one thing in movies that made people angry

Thanh Thanh14:52:21 22/11/2023
In the recently aired project Di Ai Vi Doanh, the acting of female lead Bach Loc was a controversial topic. Accordingly, she could not control one thing on screen that made people angry.

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Lam Tam Nhu was "in love" with her real beauty through "normal cam" when participating in a reality show

Mai Trúc06:41:27 22/11/2023
Recently, when participating in a reality show, Lam Tam Nhu was shown to love her real beauty too much. The appearance of beauty Hoan Chau Cach Cach has caused a stir in the online community.

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Trieu Lo Tu received a wave of criticism for "playing dirty" with his assistant?

Mai Trúc15:20:34 21/11/2023
Recently, social networks were extremely angry at Trieu Lo Tu's dirty actions towards his assistant. Notably, this assistant is also Trieu Lo Tu's close friend for many years.

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Ly Quan Nhue: The male god likes to "fight" with Trieu Lo Tu, has acted in many terrible movies but has not yet "popped"

Thanh Thanh14:33:31 21/11/2023
Ly Quan Nhue once made an impression on the audience through the role of Vien Minh Xuyen in the project Tinh Han Xan Lan with Trieu Lo Tu. Besides, he has also acted in many huge projects but his name has not yet emerged.

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Trieu Le Dinh "teased" the design of a new movie, what is it that makes the online community excited?

Thanh Anh12:21:26 21/11/2023
Recently, Trieu Le Dinh's office released a series of photos that are said to be the creation of a character in her new movie. Although simple, it still causes fever in the online community for one thing.

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Charmaine Sheh has just "re-appeared" on TVB screens and has caused a fever with her "intimate" scene with her "junior" who is 13 years younger than her.

Tiểu Trúc06:36:22 21/11/2023
Recently, Charmaine Sheh attracted attention when she officially returned to TVB screens after many years of absence. Notably, the female star also made people go c.razy with a series of intimate scenes between her and a younger male star.

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Cao Hi Nguyet: "Evil woman" harmed Trieu Le Dinh, specializes in famous but still lackluster supporting roles

Mai Trúc14:36:18 20/11/2023
Cao Hi Nguyet once impressed the audience with the role of the evil g.irl Cam Chuc who specializes in harming Trieu Le Dinh's character in So Kieu Truyen. Besides, she also specializes in supporting roles in hit movies but her career still does not take off.

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Vuong Hac De "kicked away" Vuong Nhat Bac, officially recognized by the audience for one thing?

Thanh Thanh13:36:39 20/11/2023
After the success of Thuong Lan Quyet in 2022, Vuong Hac De's name has been noticed by the audience. Recently, the actor kicked Vuong Nhat Bac away and was officially recognized by the audience.

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Ton Le and Thai Thieu Phan "do not agree" in the movie, what is their relationship like in real life?

Thanh Thanh06:35:37 20/11/2023
The success of Chan Hoan Truyen's Harem helped Ton Le become an A-list star and Thai Thieu Phan successfully developed on the mainland. In the movie, the two are sworn enemies, so their real-life relationship caught the attention of netizens.

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Trieu Lo Tu announced a "special" day with Luu Vu Ninh, the "man" was disappointed because of one thing?

Tiểu Trúc12:08:04 18/11/2023
Recently, Trieu Lo Tu officially announced a special day with Luu Vu Ninh. Some spectators expressed joy with this event. However, Luu Vu Ninh disappointed people because of one thing.

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Duong Tu originally had someone to back him up, his biological mother is also in the entertainment industry?

Thanh Thanh06:39:20 18/11/2023
Duong Tu is one of the hottest traffic girls in Cbiz today. To achieve that success, there is a lot of information that she has someone to back her up, her biological mother is also in the entertainment industry.

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