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Angelababy was emaciated holding her c.hild and was hospitalized at midnight, Huynh Hieu Minh happily traveled with his girlfriend

Tuyết Ngọc07:37:30 25/11/2023
After being assassinated by the authorities, Angelababy showed obvious stress and fatigue. The proof is that she was just seen looking less sharp next to her son Tieu Hai Mien at the hospital.

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Angelababy plans to return to showbiz after the noise. Even though she is banned from broadcasting, she is still prosperous thanks to her huge assets

Nguyễn Tuyết15:37:48 20/11/2023
Angelababy is in a period of career crisis because of controversy related to Lisa's (BLACKPINK) show. The little flower g.irl is said to be doing everything possible to save the situation.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) leaked a clip of more than 3 minutes at a s.trip club, revealing her full "uncovered" performance?

Uyển Đình11:58:06 12/10/2023
After a 5-night performance at C.razy Horse s.trip club, Lisa returned to Korea but information about the show is still of interest to the public. A clip of Lisa's more than 3 minutes has just been spread by Chinese fans and received a huge amount of interaction.

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The news that Bai Loc supported Lisa, her career was definitely "shattered", the owner said exactly 1 word to save the whole fortune

Bảo Tiên07:27:17 05/10/2023
As a small beauty in the famous Chinese lineup, Bai Loc has always been a straightforward and decisive person. The actress's resolute move narrowly helped her escape.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) is no longer afraid of public opinion, not afraid to "sarcasm" the media before a nightclub performance.

Huỳnh Phúc07:29:42 28/09/2023
Despite receiving many mixed opinions when announcing that she would perform at C.razy Horse, Lisa is said to have turned a blind eye to the wave of criticism - something the female idol has never had before.

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