Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant

Bút ChìMay 11, 2024 at 10:34

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Recently, couple Justin Bieber - Hailey Bieber suddenly announced that they are about to welcome their first c.hild. Hailey's representative confirmed that the female model is in her 6th month of pregnancy.

This information immediately received the attention of fans around the world. Amidst the joy of the Bieber family, Selena Gomez - the singer's ex-lover born in 1994 - also made a move to attract attention on social networks. Accordingly, Selena Gomez showed off her sweet, romantic relationship with Benny Blanco right after Justin confirmed that his wife was pregnant.

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 1

Female singer Lose You To Love Me posted the moment she held hands with Benny Blanco on her personal page. At the same time, the female star also posted a photo of her boyfriend in the same frame as her Only Murders in the Building co-stars to promote Benny Blanco's new project. Selena Gomez's move caused discussion on social networks.

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 2

Many people think that the actress is happily competing with the Bieber and Hailey couple. Meanwhile, there are many opinions that Selena Gomez's actions both implicitly affirm her feelings for Benny Blanco and imply the message that she and Justin now have their own happiness and are no longer related to each other. .

The relationship between the trio Justin, Hailey and Selena has never stopped being "hot" in the media since the day the male singer proposed to the blonde model in 2018, exactly 2 months after he broke up with Selena Gomez. There have been a series of rumors about this triangle relationship over the years.

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 3

Everything gradually became peaceful when Selena and Hailey hugged each other passionately at an event in Los Angeles, USA last October. The photo taken between the two girls almost resolved all the hatred between fans of Selena and Justin Bieber and his wife. However, Hailey's recent suspicion of bullying towards Selena has completely ruined the previous good feelings.

Selena had an 8-year relationship with Justin before he married Hailey. The two young stars were once considered a model and admirable couple in Hollywood. They broke up and reunited many times during their 8 years of love.

However, just two months after ending his relationship with Selena, Justin decided to stay with Hailey for a long time. As a latecomer, Hailey is under a lot of pressure from fans and is often compared to Selena. Feeling sorry for and understanding his wife, Justin found every way to defend Hailey in public.

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 4

"I loved and always loved Selena. She will always hold a special place in my heart, but now I wholeheartedly love my wife. She (Hailey) is the best thing in my life. This is my response to all the immature people who sent Hailey heartbroken messages like "He will get back together with Selena" or "Selena is the best person for him." ", Justin Bieber angrily warned those who made his wife sad.

In 2022, Hailey Bieber denied rumors surrounding Justin Bieber dating her before ending his relationship with Gomez. She clarified: "When Justin and I first started knowing each other or during our dating process, he had never been in any other relationship.

I'm not the type of person who likes to get in the way and sabotage other people's love affairs. Many people expressed their disdain, but that reaction stemmed from arbitrariness and the misunderstanding that "I robbed him". They wish he would marry someone else, that's fine. You can wish for anything, but that's not reality."

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 5

In February 2023, Hailey Bieber was accused of joining forces with Kylie Jenner to bully and mock Selena after the singer shared about how she ruined her eyebrows. The incident caused Justin's wife to be criticized and "lost" millions of followers on her personal page. The incident only calmed down after Selena suddenly spoke up to defend Justin Bieber's wife in the middle of a noisy storm.

Also last year, Hailey was exposed to a lot of evidence by netizens showing that the female model tried to imitate Selena Gomez every little bit, from words, tattoos to fashion style. Immediately, suspicions that Hailey was obsessed with Selena and wanted to become a copy of her senior suddenly appeared.

Selena Gomez acted strangely after Justin Bieber announced that his wife was pregnant - Photo 6

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