Sam's phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help?

Uyển ĐìnhMay 16, 2024 at 13:35

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After successfully giving birth to the "dragon couple", recently, Sam has gradually returned to busy work. The diaper mother attracts attention because of her slim figure and increasingly beautiful beauty. During her recent appearance, the actress suddenly encountered an unexpected incident?

At the end of February, Sam successfully "went through labor" and welcomed twin boys into the world. On her personal page, the actress diligently shares photos of her two babies. After "giving birth", Sam often shares moments related to diaper life.

Two months passed, and she began to return to work. She made an impression when she regained her slim, slender figure like when she was a g.irl, and her visual became more and more noticeable.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 1

In the latest video, Sam was initially enthusiastically lip-syncing to the music to "catch the trend". However, when it came to the part where the angle turned away, the person holding the phone for the actress suddenly ran away, making her say "Snatch the phone" about twice.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 2

In fact, this was just Sam's teasing, and most of the audience praised her sweet and seductive beauty after giving birth: "Sam is still so cute", "Love b.aby Sam. Always beautiful and talented." So generous", "The shimmering diaper is so gorgeous"... Responding to the compliments, Sam implicitly interacted by replying to comments with stickers.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 3

Sam officially registered his marriage in April 2023. After a period of hiding, she also announced that she had "good news" through in vitro fertilization. During her pregnancy, she always scored points with her stable figure.

In the first days after giving birth, the actress constantly updated about her life as a new mother, complaining that her hair was "messy", showing off friends giving her gifts, sharing photos with her husband preparing for the b.aby's first month... No. Moreover, Sam also created a personal page to update every moment of his children's growth. The adorable images of Sam's two babies make many people cry because they are so adorable.

Sam said she experienced crises and difficulties when she became a mother for the first time. The actress admitted that the pressure is double because she has to observe and take care of two babies at the same time.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 4

In addition, Sam revealed that she and her husband had "disagreements" in their views on showing off their children on social networks. In an interview a month ago, Sam shared: "My husband and I have a slight difference of opinion on this issue. He still maintains his habit and personality of not being public, keeping it private. privacy for my children. But for me, I want to o.ff my two children, I think every mother will have that mentality because they see their two adorable and cute children so they want to share their happiness with them. everybody.

After the couple sat down to talk, he respected my decision. He said that if I wanted to share the b.aby's photos, I would share them, but when the b.aby gets older, he starts to have his own thoughts and decisions. If you say you don't want to post or take photos or videos, then you want me to respect my c.hild."

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 5

Currently, although Sam freely shows off her children, she still keeps her husband's appearance a secret. The actress only revealed that her "other half" is a foreigner and does not work in showbiz. Even though work is very busy, Sam's husband always takes time to help her take care of their children. The two registered their marriage and waited until the children were strong enough to think about holding a wedding.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 6

It is known that Sam's husband is not active in the entertainment industry. During their time together, he always loved her and helped her have a positive outlook when facing problems in life. Notably, Sam also affirmed that he would not r.eveal his husband's appearance publicly.

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 7

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 8

The actress once denied the information that her husband was married and had children of his own: "Where are the rumors? There are too many rumors and people have come up with too many scenarios. Every time there will be questions." Different stories, different scenarios. Here, Sam, I would like to say frankly that the truth is absolutely not like that, everyone is thinking too much."

Sams phone was snatched while trending on the street, his mother ran to scream for help? - Photo 9

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