Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing "chaos" on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract?

Chi ChuJun 19, 2023 at 10:43

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Last time, the love story between Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina became the focus when constantly entangled in rumors of breaking up and having a contract to live together. In response, Ronaldo said he would sue a series of objects due to false rumors.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are threatening to sue a series of media outlets in Portugal after spreading false rumors about his family, including rumors that they were at odds with each other. This is expected to be a very large lawsuit, because Ronaldo and Georgina will face one of the largest corporations in Portugal: CMTV media, which owns many newspapers and a major television channel of the country. .

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 1

According to AS (Spain), Ronaldo and his girlfriend met a group of lawyers from Spain and Portugal to discuss this. Ronaldo is very unhappy when recently many false information about his family has been fabricated in the media, and they all agree that CMTV is the number 1 player. Those rumors include Ronaldo. and Georgina have problems with each other, and they don't get married because Georgina "digging" CR7 failed.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 2

Between Ronaldo and CMTV there is a long-standing enmity, the microphone of the TV reporter CMTV was thrown into the lake by Ronaldo in 2016. CR7 was even more angry when his mother had a stroke two years ago and then CMTV went to his online newspaper. I disproved the rumor that Mrs. Dolores Aveiro was hurt because of a disagreement with Georgina. And now CMTV has fueled rumors that there has been a rift between Ronaldo and Georgina since coming to Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 3

In the past month, it has been reported that Ronaldo asked Georgina to sign a marriage contract to agree to marry, to avoid splitting the property if divorced, and this is considered another reason to cause a rift. . Georgina is outraged because despite relying on her boyfriend's influence, she now has her own company without Ronaldo's investment and can financially support herself.

Georgina now has to sue her old friend, Pablo Bone, because Bone specializes in "disclosure" of information about the Ronaldo - Georgina pair to increase interaction for his social media channels. Bone said on his TikTok channel to his followers that Georgina and Ronaldo are no longer interested in each other due to Georgina shopping too much since arriving in Saudi Arabia, and Georgina suing Bone for making up stories.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 4

After all the noise and facing lawsuits, on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo and his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez went down the street in Madrid (Spain). The appearance of the couple attracted all eyes and immediately became the center of discussion.

When present in Madrid, the couple's companion in a number of events helped dispel rumors that recently, the two were in a period of trouble and instability. In May, there were rumors that Ronaldo and Rodriguez were about to split, because Ronaldo gradually grew tired of Rodriguez's lavish, showy lifestyle.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 5

When seeing rumors constantly mentioned by sports news, Ronaldo's biological mother - Mrs. Dolores - denied it. Mrs Dolores said: 'Every couple has disagreements, quarrels, but the rumors that are circulating about my son's private life are completely untrue.

According to information that some sports news in Spain has, the player Cristiano Ronaldo and his longtime girlfriend - Georgina Rodriguez - have a contract to live together. Accordingly, Ronaldo will support Rodriguez the amount of 110,000 USD (more than 2.5 billion) per month for the rest of his life, if the two break up. This is a separate support for Rodriguez, not c.hild support.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 6

In addition, the La Finca villa that Ronaldo and Rodriguez often stay in whenever they are in Madrid (Spain) will also be transferred to the 29-year-old beauty, if the two "go their separate ways".

This shows that even though he is not married, Ronaldo has seen Rodriguez as a true life partner with a commitment to show responsibility very clearly in all cases.

After 7 years of being together and many times raising rumors about the upcoming wedding as well as the breakup, the real status of the relationship between Ronaldo and Rodriguez is the subject of interest of the fans. sports news and showbiz news.

Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina sued, causing chaos on the street after revealing the cohabitation contract? - Photo 7

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