Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this!

Phi YếnJan 21, 2024 at 11:44

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Having lost the "Dubai Golden Ball" a.ward, Ronaldo shared a surprise about the time of his retirement. His girlfriend dominated the spotlight at the recent event, when she covered her b.ody with diamonds.

On the night of January 19, the 14th Dubai Globe Soccer Awards ceremony (temporarily called the Dubai Golden Ball) took place at the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai (UAE). This is one of the important tournaments in world football, recognizing the outstanding achievements of the year of players, coaches as well as teams.

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 1

In the "Best Male Player of the Year" category, Ronaldo, despite scoring the most goals in the world in 2023 with 54 goals, is still not the winner. "Baking" this title was none other than Erling Haaland, after an extremely successful year at Man City.

The young Norwegian striker scored 52 goals in his first season playing in England, making a great contribution to helping his club win the historic "treble". Previously, he was defeated by Lionel Messi in the categories "Best male player of 2023" (FIFA The Best) and Golden Ball (voted by France Football magazine).

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 2

Notably, at the time of announcing the winner, Ronaldo pointed his finger at Haaland as a confirmation that the junior was a worthy person. Just like Messi voted for the 23-year-old striker in the recent FIFA The Best race, CR7 recognized the impressive achievements of the striker born in 2000.

For his part, although he missed the "Dubai Golden Ball" a.ward, the Portuguese star did not return empty-handed as he was honored in 3 other categories including: "Maradona Award" - for the player who scored the most goals in the competition. last year, "Best Middle Eastern Player" and "Best Player as voted by fans".

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 3

According to FIFA, Ronaldo is the player who scored the most goals in the world last year at the professional level, including for the parent club Al Nassr and the Portuguese national team. Up to now, the 38-year-old striker has been honored with the "Dubai Golden Ball" a.ward 6 times, while Messi has only had it once.

At this year's ceremony, Ronaldo expressed: "I've had a great year. I want to thank the members at Al Nassr Club and the Portuguese national team. I'm so proud to be a high scorer." best year.

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 4

I'm almost 39 years old and it's great to surpass a great young striker like Haaland. I like the feeling of people doubting me and then I succeed. I am not affected by criticism."

Regarding rumors of retiring in the near future, CR7 said: "I don't know, maybe in 10 years. Let's wait and see." He also did not forget to thank his relatives and did not hesitate to publicly call his girlfriend Georgina "my wife".

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 5

Right at this moment, the 30-year-old beauty was seen with tears of pride in her eyes. It can be seen that, although their wedding has not yet taken place, Georgina Rodriguez is considered his legal wife by Ronaldo.

Attending the "Dubai Golden Ball" a.ward ceremony, Georgina received the most attention. The Sun newspaper described that she dominated the event when she appeared beautifully in a white lace dress and attracted attention with a series of diamond-encrusted accessories, from watches, rings to earrings.

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 6

It is known that Ronaldo and Georgina met for the first time in 2016 and have been closely connected since then. The two have two children together, Alana (6 years old) and Bella (1 year old). Thanks to the 30-year-old beauty's support of her family, CR7 can focus wholeheartedly on competing.

Returning to the "Dubai Golden Ball 2023" a.ward ceremony, not only Haaland, the members of the club he is playing for also had a bumper harvest in other categories, when coach Pep Guardiola was the best coach of the year, Ederson was the best coach of the year. Best goalkeeper of the year, Rodri is the best midfielder of the year, Man City is the best club of the year.

Ronaldo revealed when he would retire, his girlfriend burst into tears when she heard this! - Photo 7

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