Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to "end his life"?

Quỳnh QuỳnhJul 08, 2023 at 18:29

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The recent noises surrounding Quang Hai's girlfriend - Chu Thanh Huyen are attracting the attention of the online community. At the same time, people could not help but wonder, where was the male player before the noise of his lover's private life as well as rumors of a rift.

In recent days, the image of Chu Thanh Huyen hospitalized for taking 80 s.leeping p.ills has been spread on social networks after many bad rumors about her private life.

During the time of the controversy, people made many speculations about the relationship of Chu Thanh Huyen and Quang Hai. Because netizens suddenly saw on Quang Hai's personal Facebook page to be single. Notably, the photos taken with Quang Hai on Chu Thanh Huyen's account also "faded" for unknown reasons. From here, netizens questioned whether the couple had a problem.

However, D.TH revealed that Quang Hai also went to the hospital to visit his lover after the competition. The male player is also the one who takes care of his girlfriend from night to morning. Regarding Chu Thanh Huyen's current health, D.TH said that she is now better but still in the hospital.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 1

On the afternoon of 7/7, on the social network appeared a clip of Chu Thanh Huyen going out happily, but by evening her personal page was livestreaming while in the hospital. This inconsistency made netizens confused, raising many questions about the truth of the story of Quang Hai's girlfriend in the hospital.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 2

Recently, contacting D.TH - a close sister of Chu Thanh Huyen said: "Since entering the hospital, Huyen has not picked up the phone. That is also the old clip Huyen filmed with her c.hild. Me and Huyen often When going out together, Huyen often goes to play with her children, so there are many clips. Huyen's sister holds the phone, sees a lot of negative information, so she is afraid of the influence to post that video. I didn't think I'd get mixed reactions when I re-uploaded it, so I deleted the video right after."

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 3

About this incident, Chu Thanh Huyen's sister also confirmed on TikTok. Not only claiming to be the one who posted the clip, Chu Thanh Huyen's sister also posted a series of examination sheets to prove her illness. The content of the medical record states that: The patient has recently had problems with stress, disagreements, and misunderstandings about love affairs. Patients are stressed, worry a lot, think negatively, eat less and sleep poorly. The patient committed s.uicide by self-administering 80 Seduxen (s.leeping p.ills) 5mg tablets.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 4

Before that, the internet was spreading wildly the clip "unmasking" Quang Hai's lover. Specifically, this person accused CTH of "exploding" about a terrible family background. Even CTH took her sister's account to order but did not pay and intended to "steal".

Notably, this person also accused CTH of being a "sugar baby" and this person also said that she got information from a close friend of the famous player. On the CTH side, she locked comments on her TikTok account and posted a very harsh response: "There must be proof, posting is always who goes with someone, where to go with someone like that is the norm.

I see many friends say that this friend is famous in Son Tay as a "baby sugar". In my locality, friends who are my age or a few years older than me, who are girls, find themselves too far away, and start to get jealous and say that." However, the clip was "discolored" after minutes because of the platform's community policy.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 5

Sharing in the Cong Thuong newspaper, she is close to Chu Thanh Huyen and said that before sleeping, Quang Hai's girlfriend texted her with the content: "The past few days have been really the worst in my life. I see. It's scary, sister. I've been pushed to the end and don't want to live anymore. I'm so tired now, sister, I can't try any more."

Chu Thanh Huyen and Quang Hai have been dating since 2021. However, even though they have been in love for more than 2 years, the couple has not once officially spoken about their relationship.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 6

However, many information said that the two brought each other back to the family. Netizens also caught Chu Thanh Huyen going to watch football with Quang Hai's mother. She was also brought home many times by male players to meet her family, eat and chat happily with the members.

Where was Quang Hai while his girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized because he wanted to end his life? - Photo 7

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