Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen

Bình YênDec 23, 2023 at 15:14

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After 3 years of secret dating, on December 20, midfielder Quang Hai's family officially went to Chu Thanh Huyen's house to hold a wedding ceremony and discuss the couple's wedding.

Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen have known each other since 2021 and publicly dated a year later. However, both are tight-lipped and rarely show their affection on social networks, even on special occasions.

When posting photos with Quang Hai, Thanh Huyen often covers her boyfriend's face.

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 1

Since the opening ceremony, many stories between Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen have been revealed by relatives. Among them, there are actions that the Vietnamese football player gives to his fiancée that are "sweet" and no less "romantic".

Sharing with Vietnamese Women, a neighbor in Chu Thanh Huyen's hometown of Son Tay revealed that Quang Hai does not often return to his wife's hometown because both Chu Thanh Huyen and his mother and siblings are living and working in the center. Hanoi center.

In the country house, only Thanh Huyen's father and a school-aged younger brother regularly live and take care of the house.

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 2

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 3

Although he rarely visits his wife's hometown, Quang Hai still makes an impression on his neighbors. According to the neighbor, a month ago, the football player and his girlfriend returned to give more than 300 gifts to students at Kim Son middle school - the old school that Chu Thanh Huyen attended. learn.

A large number of people in Kim Son commune, Son Tay town were present to see the star player in this charity event.

Also sharing with Vietnamese Women, Chu Thanh Huyen's brother said about Quang Hai: "Through our interactions, honestly speaking, I found Hai to be very OK (very good - PV), sociable. Hai is very caring. to my family, there are many actions, closeness, intimacy."

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 4

In addition to loving and pampering his girlfriend, Thanh Huyen's family, Quang Hai always pays attention to making the members feel warm and confident when letting the couple get married.

"If I marry my sister to Hai, I can feel 100% assured. Quang Hai is so wonderful. Hai cares very much about his lover and everyone around him. With his younger sister, Hai is always pampered. When his younger sister is sick, Hai is very worried. , take care, be on duty.

My parents love Hai very much, my whole family loves Hai. I think my parents are 99% satisfied with this son-in-law," Quang Hai's brother-in-law said.

In addition, Chu Thanh Huyen's brother also revealed that when visiting his wife's family, Quang Hai does not hesitate to go into the kitchen to cook with everyone, and has an extremely sociable, cheerful and hard-working personality.

After the opening ceremony, the couple's close friends continuously "released" photos, showing off hidden moments when the two were dating on social networks. That was the moment Quang Hai proposed to Chu Thanh Huyen.

A close sister of hers expressed on her personal page: "From now on, you can freely post videos, everyone, you don't have to hide them anymore."

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 5

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 6

Most notable is the clip of Chu Thanh Huyen holding a b.aby in his arms and Quang Hai standing right next to him. Not only that, the two also love each other dearly, constantly making "love-filled" gestures that make netizens excited.

Many people commented that this frame looks like a small family and sent their blessings to both of them.

Thanh Huyen has been introduced to Quang Hai's family since 2022 and is loved by his relatives. She many times went with Quang Hai's parents to the stadium to cheer for him in club and national team matches.

In October 2022, Thanh Huyen also went to France to stay with Quang Hai, taking care of him during his first time playing for Pau FC. In June, Quang Hai brought his girlfriend with him when he signed a contract to join CAHN Club. The Vietnamese player also went to friends' weddings with his lover many times.

Quang Hai suddenly revealed a shocking story that not everyone knew about with Chu Thanh Huyen - Photo 7

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