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Hong Kong's ugliest Miss Mac Kha Han and her dream marriage with Phuong Trung Tin

Yang Mi19:32:53 04/05/2022
As Miss Hong Kong in 1993, Mac Kha Han was criticized by netizens, using words that disparaged her beauty. In return for beauty, she has a dream marriage with actor Phuong Trung Tin. Participating in the Miss Hong Kong contest are generally girls with good looks and good bodies...

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Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor'

Yang Mi22:04:27 28/04/2022
The sudden departure of the male star "The Condor Heroes" in 1983 caused Hong Kong entertainment to lose a multi-talented artist. On the afternoon of April 27, it was reported that veteran actor Tang Giang suddenly died at the hotel while in the process of carrying out the...

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Mac Kha Han, Huong Hai Lam and the "ugliest Miss Hong Kong"

Hoàng Phúc09:03:31 31/12/2021
The Miss Hong Kong contest used to be a "stepping point" for a series of beauties from the country of heaven to enter showbiz, but there were also many female stars who had to bear the title of "Miss unpopular with the audience". 1. Truong Gia Nhi (Kayi Cheung), Miss Hong Kong...

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Phuong Trung Tin: The most wanted actor on TVB screen, lost his role because he was too handsome

Hoàng Phúc07:33:18 16/12/2021
Phuong Trung Tin is one of the few pompous stars, but has a clean and simple life. Every time this actor appears, he captures the hearts of female fans. But in real life, Phuong has found a woman to dedicate her whole heart to. Accidentally entered the art path In the 80s...

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