Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain

Hà HàNov 04, 2021 at 21:14

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It is said that no one can choose where he was born, his parents. Therefore, there are people who were born at the finish line like Phung To Danh.

"The Son in the Dark" by Jackie Chan

However, Phung To Danh's finish line had to be exchanged for 20 years of never daring to once say that my father is Jackie Chan. Phung To Danh was born in 1982 when his father, Jackie Chan, was a famous star in Asia. At that time, all information about Jackie Chan's private life became the prey of public opinion. Therefore, to protect his family, Jackie Chan was forced to hide Phung To Danh and his wife Lam Phung Kieu for a long time from the press and public opinion.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 1

With the wealth of his father, Phung To Danh and his mother lived a comfortable life with no economic burden in the US. However, for ten years, Phung To Danh lived in the situation of "having a father but not having a father". From acting to film after film, Jackie Chan is always busy with his work, taking care of his children is completely a caring hand of Lam Phung Kieu. Occasionally, Jackie Chan comes to the US to visit his mother and daughter. Phung To Danh once shared: "When I was young, my mother always told me not to tell anyone my father's name is Jackie Chan. It is a secret that must be kept hidden forever."

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 2

Referring to the old story, Lam Phung Kieu once tearfully recounted: "The most pitiful is still the c.hild Tran To Minh (the name of Phung To Danh before)". Phung To Danh's biggest dream when he was a c.hild was to have his father come to school to pick him up after school. This story was revealed by Phung To Danh's teacher to his family when Phung To Danh shared in class. It was not until many years later that Jackie Chan was able to fulfill his son's wish. Tragically, he waited for his son at the gate of primary school without knowing that his son had gone to middle school. After this story, To Danh did not talk to his father for a long time. It wasn't until later that Jackie Chan knew the reason was because before that, Phung To Danh happily told everyone that his father - the famous star Jackie Chan would pick him up at the school gate, so many of his classmates stood and waited.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 3

However, Jackie Chan did not come, making To Danh become a braggart in the eyes of everyone. After 20 years as a "son in the dark", Phung To Danh was only recognized by Jackie Chan on the main street. Since then, Thanh Long put all his efforts to compensate for Phung To Danh and his wife Lam Phung Kieu.

The "warm boy" who kills the most girls in China and has a lifelong stain that will never be forgotten

After being publicized by Jackie Chan, Phung To Danh had his days in heaven. To compensate for his children, Thanh Long let Phung To Danh join the entertainment company he founded. Thanks to the name of Thanh Long's son, the producers rolled out the red carpet to welcome To Danh. If other people have to work hard to shed sweat and tears, then To Danh just needs to sit in one place, see which producer is pleasing to the eye, then nod to act. Perhaps that's why, after only half a year of joining the entertainment industry, Phung To Danh was given the main role in the movie Thien Co Variable.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 4

The name Thanh Long's son gives Phung To Danh a lot of things, especially the wide and wide road to life. However, it is also pressure on Phung To Danh's shoulders. People don't bother to remember the name Phung To Danh, the press mentions him as just "the son of Jackie Chan". When To Danh acting was not as good as expected, people called him a failed son. Not interested in acting, To Danh turned to singing. In 2004, he released his debut album named after himself.

Success extends to success, in the third year of starting his career, he was named in the list of promising young artists, receiving a nomination for Kim Tuong. Reaching fame so easily is also when To Danh began to slide into d.rugs and alcohol. People no longer mention that To Danh is preparing for any art projects. Phung To Danh is considered a "familiar" of a series of pubs and nightclubs stretching from China, Hong Kong to Taiwan and is often caught in a drunken state, pretending all night and all morning. The list of beautiful girls associated with Phung To Danh is endless, the name "warm girl-killing boy" of the young man also comes from that.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 5

List of beautiful people of Phung To Danh can include Dai Bo Ni, Quan An My, Luong Tinh Nhu, Tse Dinh Dinh, Ly Thanh Khiet, Lam Bang, Chung Han Dong, Tiet Kha Ky, Chuong Tu Di, Au Duong Na Na... In August 2014, Phung To Danh received the first bitter sentence in his life. He and his close friend Kha Chan Dong - a famous star at that time were arrested for drug use and possession.

Appearing at the police station, Phung To Danh admitted to smoking marijuana for about 8 years, when he first entered showbiz. When he heard that his "son" was arrested for using marijuana in the Mainland, Jackie Chan decided to put aside all his unfinished business and quickly go to Beijing so that he could meet his son. But then, under pressure from public opinion, Jackie Chan had to leave Beijing, handing everything over to the lawyer in charge.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 6

After that, Jackie Chan must have apologized to fans for his failure to be a husband and father and showed a tolerant attitude to his children's mistakes. At the police station, Phung To Danh claimed to have smoked marijuana 8 years ago, also the early stage when he first entered showbiz. In the clip sent to the audience, Phung To Danh burst into tears and asked for forgiveness. In the final trial, Fang Yuan was sentenced to six months in prison and fined 2,000 yuan. Many years later, the scandal of being arrested for using and possessing banned substances is a "stain" that Phung To Danh and Jackie Chan always try to shake off their whole lives.

The journey of revival after 6 months of eating and drinking

Months after being released from prison, the days of eating and drinking in prison are still a haunting time for Phung To Danh's life. Referring to when the police arrested him, Phung To Danh said he was still very calm at that time. However, the first week in prison, Phung To Danh understood that this was the price he had to pay for his mistakes and failures.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 7

"I couldn't imagine what it was like the first few days there. They treated me so badly, every day I was surrounded by spiders, mosquitoes and other insects. They even asked to take off all my clothes. to check the b.ody, take X-rays. Life at that time scared me," To Danh shared.

After months of struggling against four cold stone walls, Phung To Danh has realized the true meaning of life. He realized, 6 months in prison was not completely meaningless for his life later. Phung To Danh decided to find himself a strange hobby that was to find a way to k.ill mosquitoes to feed spiders living in the toilet. From trifling stories, To Danh's outlook on life also gradually changed.

He also spent most of his days in prison reading books. After 6 months in prison, Phung To Danh read all 8 books of billionaire Buffet, wrote 2 scripts and composed 4 songs. Thanks to the positive changes of Phung To Danh, the relationship between father and son is also better than before.

After Phung To Danh was released from prison, Jackie Chan spent more time with his son, family meals appeared more often, which many years ago did not exist. Jackie Chan's strict attitude towards his son's mistakes and the sincerity of Phung To Danh made him receive more sympathy from the public, and hope for a good future. more for you.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 8

In an interview, Phung To Danh revealed that his famous father had visited him three times: "Because he had some work to do, he didn't come to Beijing just to visit me. However, that was it. enough". The actor said that he did not resent his father and wanted their relationship to change in a positive direction. The actor's career ended, it is reported that Phung To Danh is trying to return to the role of director. In 2020, he tried his hand at directing Good Night, Beijing!. Currently, the film has not set a release time because of some problems. Jackie Chan also appeared as a guest in his son's debut project.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 9

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 10

Although there are no outstanding activities, Phung To Danh still attracts attention because of his unbelievably luxurious life. Recently, he was caught on the street with friends. The son of the Jackie Chan family drives a Mercedes car worth more than 2 million yuan (more than 7.1 billion dong), smokes high-end cigars priced at 10,000 yuan (35 million dong). It is known that the actor has a collection of luxury cars, every time he goes out, he drives a different car. Thanks to his father's great fortune, he still has an abundant life without much work. The actor was mocked by the media as a "big rich kid", living comfortably on his father's m.oney, even though he was at the age of U40.

Phung To Danh - The warm b.oy from Jackie Chan kills girls, is the most incompetent in China and has a lifelong stain - Photo 11

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