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Na Chen: Feng Chen's 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema

Minh Lợi17:15:39 05/04/2024
Having no acting experience, his age is still young, but he was assigned the responsibility of portraying the role of Dat Ky in the masterpiece Feng God, Na Nhien caused many controversies for the audience.

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Phi Tuong: "Vuong Tru" is the most handsome on screen, U70 is still single because he was "in love" with a young female star

Thanh Anh14:43:52 10/11/2023
Phi Tuong was known as the most handsome King Tru on screen after causing a fever in the movie Phong Than Tam Bo Khuc. Despite his beauty, the actor is still single at the age of 70 because he was in love with a female star when he was young.

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Tieu Chien was suddenly "touched" when he was named in a series of tax evading artists. Will his career be shaken?

Gia Hoàng07:24:16 27/09/2023
Recently, a list of artists caught up in the tax debt scandal was posted on a Chinese online forum. Notably, Tieu Chien suddenly appeared in this deity list.

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Vu Thich - The unknown b.oy who surpassed 15,000 candidates to star in Feng Chen, now flashed in Cbiz

Thảo Mai19:30:36 11/08/2023
After Feng Chen aired, actor Vu Thich made a breakthrough in the Chinese-language entertainment industry thanks to his acting as well as his bold appearance, full of cinematic temperament.

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"Dat Ky" Pho Nghe Vy: 2 times boating, doing unforgivable things, a hundred billion fortune still no one dares to marry

Hoàng Phúc16:29:18 14/10/2022
The marriage did not go well, causing Pho Nghe Vy to fall. It was also the private life scandal that pushed her career into the abyss. Currently, Pho Nghe Vy is still alone in the late afternoon, making fans worried. It seems that after many hardships and struggles in her...

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'Tang Tang' Van Chuong received bricks and stones for being drunk, 'peeing on the street'

Yang Mi18:25:18 21/02/2022
The image of actor "Journey to the West" Van Chuong drunk peeing in public made netizens angry. Recently, the Chinese paparazzi have recorded images of Ma Yi Loi's ex-husband - Van Chuong drunk, urinating in public. Specifically, on the evening of February 20, the actor Journey...

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Pho Nghe Vy - "The most beautiful Dat Ky" ever fell, suffered from prison, how is his life now?

An Nhi10:20:40 17/10/2021
Referring to the most impressive Dat Ky girls on the screen, actress Pho Nghe Vy in "Phong Than Bang" in 1990 is always remembered by the audience for her beautiful yet captivating beauty. Pho Nghe Vy was born in 1964, she has a beauty that makes everyone feel touched...

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