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Pam Love Oi for a series of youth idols "breathing smoke", officially reaching 1 million followers

Kim Lâm11:05:19 01/04/2024
Pam previously caused a fever when she became the first Vietnamese b.aby to have a photo reach 1 million likes. Recently, he has officially reached 1 million followers on Instagram. This is enough to prove the influence and affection netizens have for the b.aby.

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Dear Pam, I was scared when I saw my parents doing this. The "basket" of memes was born, so adorable

Nguyễn Kim15:38:53 26/03/2024
Having a daughter who is a famous c.hild today, Salim's family has attracted a lot of attention. Recently, the c.hild powerhouse Pam continued to cause a stir on social media because of a series of adorable expressions in a TV show.

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Dear Pam, she is upset when Long's father feeds her: Salim is "hot-faced" because her husband is too clumsy

Nhật Duy17:00:37 22/03/2024
Eating moments for many families seem quite normal, but for the "Dear Pam" family, there is a slight abnormality that makes people constantly laugh because it is so cute.

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Salim "scandalized" b.aby Pam for her rude attitude towards her mother when she was born: Netizens were delighted

Nhật Duy17:25:28 20/03/2024
The moment dear Pam had a condescending attitude towards her mother right after she was born made netizens extremely excited. Many comments endlessly praised b.aby Pam and commented that she had a sense of humor right from the time she was born.

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"Pam Love" aired on TV with young master's father "Long Jasmine"

Phong Trần15:01:37 06/03/2024
National b.aby Pam Love Oi continues to make the online community feverish when confirming the information about preparing to air on television with Dad Long Jasmine in the program Mother Away from Home Dad is Superman.

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Pam iu O And "Yin iu" Met, 2 Ideologies Of TikTok Youth "Clash"

Mẫn Nhi17:03:41 02/03/2024
After much waiting and anticipation of fans, the two families of Pam iu and Uncle Ninh - brother m have officially had a duet of spades to fill the screen. The two families have an extremely interesting relationship that delights many.

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Pam Love: The famous corporation niece, goes viral with a series of super cute memes

Minh Lợi10:28:58 11/02/2024
Since birth, Pam's real name is Hai Duong, nicknamed Pamela - the daughter of h.ot g.irl 9X Salim (Hoang Kim Ngan) and young master of garment group Nguyen Hai Long has been noticed by the public.

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Salim's husband: From young master of a garment corporation, to becoming "big version of Pam Yeu Oi"

Phi Đức14:09:51 25/12/2023
In the past year, the name Pamela Hai Duong became one of the prominent figures on social networks. The g.irl is the daughter of the famous h.ot g.irl Salim and her husband, a young garment company owner.

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Salim: Hotgirl Ha Thanh, married to young master, mother of b.aby "square-faced Pam" millions of likes on social media

Quỳnh Quỳnh18:00:26 09/09/2023
Salim was a famous h.ot g.irl in Hanoi at the same time as Chi Pu, Quynh Anh Shyn, Sun Ht, before that she was a teen actress participating in some drama works. After getting married, she had a fulfilling life with her husband and young daughter.

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