Mr. Huynh Is Brave

Topic: Mr. Huynh Is Brave

Ms. Phuong Hang and Mr. Dung "lime kiln" have completely opposite attitudes in the glove factory

Hậu Hậu22:19:57 04/10/2021
Recently, the name Nguyen Phuong Hang is no longer strange to the public, she is famous for being a sharp businesswoman, flexible words, sometimes like "screaming fire", "power tycoon". "power" of Dai Nam recently revealed a different face from the familiar image. Specifically...

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Ho Chi Minh City police resume investigation of Ms. Phuong Hang's accusations against physician Vo Hoang Yen

Hậu Hậu23:22:27 24/09/2021
Recently, people stirred when they heard the news that the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Investigation Police Agency announced the restoration of the settlement of crime information. Specifically, this agency is investigating and verifying the denunciation of a crime that Ms...

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Phuong Hang has a move to confirm the owner of Dai Nam KDL before transfer rumors

Hậu Hậu09:01:58 22/09/2021
Recently, the online community did not stop stirring when information appeared that Dai Nam KDL was about to be transferred to a new owner. Reviews of this KDL on Google suddenly appeared feedback from owners to visitors, specifically saying that Dai Nam will have a new owner in...

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Ms. Phuong Hang revealed that Mr. Dung "lime kiln" had silently bought backup oxygen for people

Rosé12:29:33 14/07/2021
Mrs. Hang showed her golden heart and her husband's never wavering. From the statements of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, it can be seen that she is a quite straightforward, righteous and charitable person. This businesswoman herself has also claimed to be a kind person. Talking about...

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