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Dam Vinh Hung put on a strange badge, the Ministry of Culture had to "green face" to explain

Pinky13:32:09 08/05/2024
The king of Vietnamese music Dam Vinh Hung has just confused the internet when he was suddenly touched by the Department of Culture when he discovered suspected wrongdoing from his costume in his live show recently. Specifically, the singer allegedly wore strange badges on his b.ody.

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Dam Vinh Hung cursed and got angry on social networks when a fan sent him sensitive photos at night

Pinky14:22:44 19/03/2024
The king of Vietnamese music Dam Vinh Hung has just made people gasp at his swearing on social networks. Accordingly, the male singer was sent a sensitive photo by an unknown audience that night. He was so shocked that he had to lose sleep.

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Dam Vinh Hung was severely stressed after being injured: Had to use s.leeping p.ills

Hương Duy13:45:06 10/03/2024
On social networks, fans expressed concern about Dam Vinh Hung's current situation after suffering a leg injury. According to the male singer, he is currently very mentally tired and stressed to the point of insomnia.

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Dam Vinh Hung choked up because his filial son: 4 years old knew how to take care of his father's illness

Trường Nguyễn14:42:29 07/03/2024
The king of Vietnamese music could not hide his emotion at the lovely act of Prince Polo Huynh. Many viewers expressed their delight, glad that the singer has a c.hild worth the m.oney, a bowl of rice.

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Dam Vinh Hung had to spend 20 billion VND to repair broken legs in the US: "Spray glue" when seeing the bill

Minh Phúc07:46:53 04/03/2024
The Vietnamese music king chose to return to Vietnam after seeing the expensive medical bills of American hospitals. Currently, the singer's situation is gradually stabilizing after returning to his hometown for examination and treatment.

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Dam Vinh Hung fell on stage, had to be hospitalized, and stopped singing for a long time

Minh Phúc14:37:32 22/02/2024
Dam Vinh Hung's incident while performing in the US is currently receiving a lot of attention from the public. Fans were extremely sad, praying for the male singer to recover soon and return to music.

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Dam Vinh Hung announced the cessation of artistic activities, the date and time were clear, shocking fans

Trí Nhi15:35:42 28/12/2023
The king of Vietnamese music - Dam Vinh Hung has just surprised and shocked people by announcing the time he will stop all artistic activities. He did not r.eveal the details of the reason, making netizens even more curious.

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Khai Dang: Giving up his glorious career in America, returning home to pursue his passion, supported by Dam Vinh Hung

Tuyết Ngọc20:12:14 12/10/2023
Khai Dang is an emerging name in the Vietnamese music market in recent years. With an eternal passion for singing, he was determined to return home to develop his music career...

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Noo Phuoc Thinh teaches anti-fans when they are criticized for not being equal to Dam Vinh Hung and Tuan Hung's 'toenails'

Pinky17:22:59 22/09/2023
Male singer Noo Phuoc Thinh became angry when an anti fan took to his personal page to attack him and compared him to other artists. The lengthy response made people stir.

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Dam Vinh Hung had an unbelievable salary when he sang at the "100 days of stopping crying ceremony", the party host confirmed.

Nhật Hân08:05:09 16/09/2023
Recently, the information that Vietnamese music king Dam Vinh Hung sang at the ceremony to stop crying for 100 days because he was paid huge expenses is causing controversy, the person who invited the male singer had to verify.

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Dam Vinh Hung "out of time" had to go to the ceremony to stop crying for 100 days to m.ake m.oney, dancing to make fans "dizzy"

Kim Lâm07:29:07 15/09/2023
Dam Vinh Hung is known as the king of Vietnamese music who often appears at big and classy events. The fact that the singer was caught singing at the 100-day crying ceremony surprised the online community.

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Dam Yongxing and Yang Trieu Yu encountered the drought of the '7th lunar month', having their images forged for ill-gotten gains

Pinky12:46:21 19/08/2023
Two popular male singers Dam Vinh Hung and Duong Trieu Vu have just confused the internet when they suddenly posted a direct denunciation of an event organizer, deliberately using their names to forge, falsely advertise, and deceive the audience.

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Dam Vinh Hung posted the hidden meaning of living a fake life, tired of lamenting because life is full of roles

Phúc Sen07:16:14 07/07/2023
The king of Vietnamese music - Dam Vinh Hung just made the internet stir when he suddenly implied that he had to live a fake life, tired of the roles, wearing a mask when living in this life. People were so confused, they didn't know what was going on.

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Dam Vinh Hung revealed a spiritual story related to his son, his face was deformed even without cutlery

Đức Trí13:35:30 20/06/2023
The king of Vietnamese music - Dam Vinh Hung has just had a surprising share in the series Diary of a father, sharing the things that have revolved around him since the birth of his son Polo Huynh. More specifically, his face automatically changed, even without touching the knife.

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Dam Vinh Hung is angry about rumors of fake illness to avoid litigation, saying that antifan lacks understanding

T.T09:20:44 25/05/2023
"The king of Vietnamese music" was quite upset when it was rumored that he was faking illness to avoid litigation with Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang: "Those are people who have no knowledge of the law and their understanding is too low. People who are not on the same frequency...

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"Hot-blooded" Dam Vinh Hung wrote a long story to teach his seniors, Vu Ha joined the declaration of war with his best friend

Phúc Sen07:22:16 25/05/2023
Male singer Dam Vinh Hung has just taken the internet by storm when he posted a forum, wrote a long story on his personal page to share and "teach" a senior when he had LGBT children but did not accept it. Close friend Vu Ha soon also left a remarkable move. In the past few...

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Dam Vinh Hung revealed his son's special personality, at the age of 3 he was like a "young old man"

T.T13:45:53 23/05/2023
As the only biological son of the "king of Vietnamese music", b.aby Polo Huynh became one of the children who received attention. The 3-year-old b.oy possesses a mischievous, lovely appearance and a personality like a "young man" that makes many people excited. In October 2022...

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Dam Vinh Hung has just been discharged from the hospital and sent an "ultimatum" to his anti-fans, declaring that he was "expelled" thoroughly

Thanh Phúc16:17:58 18/05/2023
Mr. Dam recently had a remarkable status line, when he boldly declared to confront anti-fans even though he had just been discharged from the hospital, netizens were confused by the male singer's direct action of "chasing" clean. In the past few days, the name of the king of...

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Huong Giang cherished Thuy Tien but treated other colleagues badly, causing fans to argue violently

Krant10:56:05 22/03/2023
Recently, the press conference to launch the film project of Dam Vinh Hung is receiving a lot of attention from the public. It is known that at this event, the famous stars with a series of famous names in the Vietnamese entertainment industry also appeared to congratulate the...

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Tran Thanh "launched" crying again at Dam Vinh Hung's event, netizens booed: Stop making colors!

Thanh Phúc07:16:13 22/03/2023
Male artist Tran Thanh once again shed tears, true to the name "Thanh Cry", when he constantly touched to mention the two words "halo" at Dam Vinh Hung's event. Tran Thanh is an artist's face that is constantly h.ot and mentioned constantly during the past time, every "every...

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Mr. Dam was once fined for "kissing" the monk, responding to gay rumors: "Effective on your rice bowl or not"

Nam Phương17:28:09 05/10/2022
Before the somewhat sensitive questions, Dam Vinh Hung was not afraid to answer directly. Currently, the "Vietnamese music king" is happy when publicly having a biological c.hild named Polo, who has just turned 3 years old. On October 2, at a show in Hanoi, Dam Vinh Hung suddenly...

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Dam Vinh Hung called for help because his house was destroyed, almost in danger of life, the police got involved

Hoàng Phúc12:21:20 25/09/2022
Recently on his personal page, Dam Vinh Hung could not hide his anger when his house was destroyed by strangers, even dangerous to people. The male singer announced that he would ask the authorities to intervene to find the culprit. Accordingly, the male singer said: "Not happy!...

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Dam Vinh Hung shows off his photo "like 2 drops of water" with MONO, feeling inferior to his brother Son Tung in 1 point

Hoàng Phúc12:54:42 24/09/2022
On his personal page, singer Dam Vinh Hung recently released a series of his moments with pictures of MONO. The male singer commented that his fashion sense and MONO have many similarities. Specifically, Dam Vinh Hung said: "Seeing this picture is also fun. B.aby MONO must have...

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Mrs. Phuong Hang is a "god" in the stone house, Dam Vinh Hung asserts the position of "Vietnamese music king" at the live concert

Rosé08:13:23 09/05/2022
Audiences, old and young, listening to extremely familiar tunes, can sing along by heart, proving the "national" stature of an artist like Dam Vinh Hung. Returning after being noisy with Mrs. Phuong Hang, Dam Vinh Hung is busy with his own projects. After releasing the MV, the...

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