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H.ot developments in Ms. Phuong Hang's case: Mr. Dung "lime kiln" was denounced, female CEO and accomplices appeared in court?

Chi Chu07:39:11 27/04/2023
The People's Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City has just completed the indictment and proposed trial for defendant Nguyen Phuong Hang and 4 accomplices. In addition, journalist Han Ni filed a complaint against Mr. Dung "lime kiln" for helping his wife commit crimes. Citing...

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R.evealing the reason why Mr. Dung Lo Voi was not prosecuted despite many livestreams with Ms. Phuong Hang

Hoàng Anh09:06:59 22/08/2022
Not only Ms. Hang, but also individuals who help or participate in Dai Nam CEO's livestreams are also in the process of waiting for the results of the relevant content assessment to continue handling according to the law. Many people are confused when from start to finish, Mr...

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Mr. Dung "lime kiln" released a photo of Mrs. Hang and her stepdaughter once entangled in evils, r.evealing the real relationship?

Rosé10:32:27 06/07/2022
In early January 2021, the owner Dai Nam announced the incident related to Quang Tien on her personal page. Phuong Hang said her son on football, borrowed m.oney from friends and borrowed m.oney from outside. Referring to Dai Nam, in addition to stories about 6,000 billion...

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Mr. Dung "lime kiln" wrote a letter about Mrs. Phuong Hang, and also mentioned Vo Hoang Yen?

An Nhi12:50:08 03/05/2022
The online community is agitated by the letter attributed to Mr. Dung "lime kiln". Recently, after Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was prosecuted and detained by the Ho Chi Minh City Police, Binh Duong Provincial Police also prosecuted the case with the same crime to clarify the...

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H.OT: The clip of Mrs. P. Hang telling her son to call Vo Hoang Yen "ba", the attitude of Mr. Dung's new lime kiln was unexpected?

Nam Phương16:02:40 05/11/2021
"As if there's never been a drama", the clip recorded the scene of Mrs. Phuong Hang's family and the medical god Vo Hoang Yen having fun together. Worth mentioning, the son of CEO Dai Nam also affectionately calls the medical god "ba". From March 2021, Ms. Phuong Hang officially...

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Mr. Dung lime kiln did not appear at the funeral of his ex-wife, 6 words in the obituary revealed when he was loaded with gold and jade

Hà Hà14:00:14 20/10/2021
Recently, the social network was stirred by the news that Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet, the ex-wife of Mr. Dung "lime kiln" passed away. It is known that after a serious illness, Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet (1954) passed away at dawn on October 17, 2021. The funeral was held at a private house on...

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Phuong Hang set up Dai Nam Racecourse group with more than 800k members, what is the truth?

Hậu Hậu13:20:47 19/09/2021
Belonging to Dai Nam Lac Canh, Dai Nam Racecourse was built last, it is the enthusiastic work of Ms. Phuong Hang, the female CEO who has devoted a lot of attention and investment to this project. Not only that, it is not difficult for netizens to realize that Dai Nam Racecourse...

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S.hock: Mrs. Phuong Hang livestream admitted to being addicted to g.ambling: "Playing like I have many people"

Nam Phu01b0u01a1ng15:13:38 11/09/2021
Many people were surprised when Phuong Hang admitted that she had a great passion for the red and black hobby. Recently, MXH shared a dizzying clip of Phuong Hang sitting at the table playing cards with close friends at a family party. Worth mentioning, Netizen also saw the...

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Tension: Mrs. P. Hang exposed the "past", c.ursing Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai: "Don't be a liar"

Nam Phương11:04:39 31/08/2021
This is the second time Ms. Phuong Hang called Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai by name for the charity oxygen issue. After resigning as Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of District 1 (HCMC), Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a car trip to carry patients with 0 dong and gave charity gifts...

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Ms. Phuong Hang revealed that Mr. Dung "lime kiln" had silently bought backup oxygen for people

Rosé12:29:33 14/07/2021
Mrs. Hang showed her golden heart and her husband's never wavering. From the statements of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, it can be seen that she is a quite straightforward, righteous and charitable person. This businesswoman herself has also claimed to be a kind person. Talking about...

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