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Truong Nhuoc Nam drove 10 million people c.razy, giving Trieu Lo Tu "smoke"

Châu Anh14:38:32 11/04/2024
Recently, Truong Nhuoc Nam caused a storm on the Douyin platform when her video surpassed the 10 million likes mark, far surpassing many actors of the same age in general and other flower girls who are considered h.ot faces on Douyin. private.

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Difficult to Coax: The male and female leads are praised as "tearing books out", fans lining sandals

Uyển Đình14:13:25 08/03/2024
Since the announcement of the project, it has received a lot of attention from movie nerds. Recently, the main male and female image of the film has been taken by the passing team, causing a fever because of the visual and role matching of the two.

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Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of "number one beauty" when he encounters this in his acting career

Nhật Hân13:33:11 28/08/2023
In a behind-the-scenes clip of the production crew of My Smoke and Fire, netizens realized that Wang Chu Nhien accidentally got into 1 taboo that caused her career path to plummet.

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Vuong Chu Nhien was robbed by Truong Du Hi to be a couple with Ma Ba Khien?

Nhật Hân11:16:10 03/08/2023
This love drama is receiving fierce opposition from the audience for ruining the image of the main couple. But the female lead is not Vuong So Nhien that is what attracts the attention of netizens.

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