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Betty Bui Do: Female CEO sits on the Miss Earth judges' chair, stunning with her academic title and great family background

T.P16:41:16 27/12/2023
Female CEO Betty Bui Do is the face receiving a lot of attention. Sitting on the jury at the Miss Earth 2023 - Miss Earth contest, this beautiful g.irl quickly attracted people's attention and began to learn about her personal life.

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Nguyen Phuong Hang was proposed to prosecute, people constantly posted "ironic" forums

Minh Hà00:05:48 19/08/2022
The Ho Chi Minh City police have proposed to prosecute Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang and are continuing to verify the behavior of the lawyers and YouTubers involved. The female CEO admitted that the statements in her livestreams were read in newspapers, searched online... and had no...

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Putting Phuong Hang in prison, Vy Oanh "confessed" an unexpected truth

Juni Nguyễn15:58:51 11/05/2022
Since the day the giant female Binh Duong is eating and sleeping, the female singer Dong Xanh - Vy Oanh has made significant positive changes with a peaceful life. In a series of artists who have been feuded with female giants Binh Duong - Nguyen Phuong Hang, not only Dam Vinh...

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Journalist Han Ni "sarcastically" Phuong Hang's charity fund: "Don't be fooled by the dazzling diamond"

Thư Kỳ22:13:40 23/04/2022
After the authorities revealed that the number of diamonds Ms. Phuong Hang had previously lost was only 35 million, not tens of billions of dong as before, recently journalist Han Ni suddenly posted a status line with the intention of sarcasm. On April 19, journalist Han Ni was...

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Phuong Hang's "glorious" past was exposed, Vy Oanh was as happy as the season, Trang Tran also came to contribute.

Thư Kỳ11:37:59 18/04/2022
Before the comment of a facebook account under her post about the female CEO being exposed to her not-so-good past, Vy Oanh responded subtly. However, Trang Tran's cheerful contribution brought a new story. After expanding the investigation into the accused Nguyen Phuong Hang...

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H.OT: Mrs. Phuong Hang was accused by a livestream woman of hiring a YouTuber group to break her sister's arm

Rosu00e914:08:34 13/02/2022
At the end of the "due date" with the artist, female CEO Dai Nam continues to be denounced by the people. On February 12, according to a source from the Go Vap District Police, Ho Chi Minh City, there was no incident in the area where a woman was broken by a YouTuber group who...

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The rich female CEO left even though she went to the tea room, Dam Vinh Hung announced a very harsh sentence

Duyên Trần07:45:27 13/02/2022
Recently, Dam Vinh Hung had a lively show at Dong Dao tea room (HCMC). Before entering the tea room to sing, Dam Vinh Hung was called repeatedly because the giant female CEO suddenly appeared. Accordingly, the car carrying the giant female CEO came to the door of Dong Dao tea...

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Vy Oanh revealed more details about the lawsuit against female CEO Dai Nam, announcing the good news that made fans flutter

Duyên Trần11:06:30 12/02/2022
Recently, Vy Oanh eagerly announced the upcoming opening of branch 2 of U Spa, which she owns. Specifically, the voice of Dong Xanh said: "If you translate, don't worry, as long as the government opens the door, my mother will work again. U Spa right at the center of SG branch...

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After the artist, Mrs. Phuong Hang dared to "f.ight" officials: "The abusers form a herd to sit on top of the people's neck."

Rosé08:48:11 12/02/2022
The post of Mr. Dung's wife "lime kiln" received great attention. Last year, a series of Vietnamese artists such as Hoai Linh, Thuy Tien, and Dam Vinh Hung were all involved with Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang around charity issues, statements and lawsuits. In particular, many lawsuits...

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Vy Oanh announced that she would win the lawsuit against Ms. Hang 101%, about to open a "trillion billion" company

Rosé19:08:56 07/02/2022
The singer's statement made netizens pay a lot of attention! Recently, when asked by netizens: "Have you sued the giant female Binh Duong?", Vy Oanh will definitely win. "In the near future, we will process a series of individual lawsuits against Ms. Phuong Hang, including...

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Trang Tran was embarrassed by singer Thuy Bi "pressing the color fly button"

Hậu Hậu11:30:58 18/10/2021
Recently, the online community was surprised and stirred when MXH spread a clip of female singer Thuy Bi - old friend Trang Tran sending a "very harsh" message to the former model. Singer Thuy Bi said: "Because I respect a person who used to be called a friend, I have been...

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Being "called" into the noise of charity m.oney, what action did Dong Nhi make on Instagram?

PYO10:32:12 15/10/2021
Netizens were very surprised when Dong Nhi was named in connection with charity m.oney i.n the Central region. After mentioning the name of the couple Luong The Thanh - Thuy Diem in the charity grove, on the evening of October 14, CEO Dai Nam continued to "call" the name of female...

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The female CEO spoke up after being prosecuted for "spreading Covid-19", asserting that she did not do this wrong?

Nam Phương13:50:54 25/09/2021
Despite being prosecuted for the act of "spreading disease", the CEO of the cosmetics company still affirmed that he did this right. Regarding the case of the 24-year-old female director spreading the Covid-19 epidemic in Bac Lieu, public opinion is pressing. Recently, through...

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