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Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet

Phong Trần12:20:25 08/02/2024
Mimosa is known as a popular streamer, he is loved for his professional gameplay on livestream and interesting personality in real life. Few people know, he is also the son of the famous artist Zhou Hung - The Judge's Son.

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Chu Hung died on 28 Tet, mourning farewell to the veteran artist

Khánh Huyền11:16:01 08/02/2024
The news that Chu Hung - The Judge's World died suddenly on the 28th of Tet caused many colleagues and viewers to be extremely merciful. So a veteran artist just quietly left, leaving regret for many people.

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Meritorious Artist Chu Hung - "The Mouse" with a rough face, a troubled marriage and a simple life at the age of U70

Duyên Trần08:21:27 06/01/2022
Meritorious Artist Chu Hung was born in 1956. He is considered a multi-talented person because from a young age he passed two majors in Painting and Acting at the same time. However, fate pushed him to bring him to the acting profession. After graduating, Meritorious Artist Chu...

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