No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend

Uyển ĐìnhJun 04, 2024 at 14:09

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No Min Hyuk is the talented guitarist of the Korean group 1st gen Click B. However, the idol singer left the group in 2002 and later worked as an NSX, while also turning his attention to business.

No Min Hyuk (born 1983) gained attention when he appeared on MBC's New Human Age at the age of 10. In 1999, he started his career when he was only 16 years old and became the guitarist of the cult group Gen 1 consisting of 7 members called Click-B.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 1

It is known that Click B is a Korean idol group of the first generation, standing shoulder to shoulder with typical representatives at that time such as G.O.D or Shinhwa. The musical style that the group pursues is dance with rock. Click-B won the Japanese Audience Favorite A.ward at MAMA 2000.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 2

In 2005, member Kim Sang Hyuk left the group because he was involved in a drink-driving case. In 2003, from the original 7-member lineup, Click-B became a 4-member group. And this K-pop shocking event also took place at that time, namely in July 2003, during a solo concert of Click B held at Jang Choong Gymnasium.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 3

After performing a bunch of the group's hit songs, the Click-B members took the time to talk to fans. It was also at this time that member Oh Jong Hyuk suddenly announced that he was dating rookie actress Lee Da Hee and she was also sitting in the audience at the time.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 4

However, except for Oh Jong Hyuk and Lee Da Hee, everyone present was shocked. A large number of fans have had a mental breakdown after this overly audacious public dating. As a result, many fans quickly left the concert even though the show was not finished. What happened to Click-B afterwards proved why one member's dating can put an end to a group's career.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 5

Logically, Click-B's promotional activities more or less ended in 2003 with their 4th album titled Cowboy. Although the other members also faced various issues such as drunk driving scandals, expiration of their contracts with their agencies, and focusing on solo activities,...., Oh Jong Hyuk and Lee Da Hee's shocking dating event was still considered the most important factor in Click-B's decline at the time that.

During its active years, Click-B appeared quite fluctuating with an incomplete lineup. The group disbanded in 2006 and reunited in 2015 to celebrate their 14th anniversary. Although they never announced their breakup, Click-B only appeared together on special occasions and did not release any more music.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 6

Click B group, far right is No Min Hyuk

Besides singing, No Min Hyuk acted in the drama "Rock, Rock, Rock" (2010). No Min Hyuk is currently the CEO of a pet care company.

On May 7, according to Korean media, Click B member No Min Hyuk was in love with a Vietnamese g.irl after a business trip to the "S-shaped s.trip of land".

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 7

Accordingly, the couple is 12 years apart in age. The g.irl, born in 1995, is confirmed as a famous influencer in the field of beauty. Meanwhile, No Min Hyuk was born in 1983. The two first met through an acquaintance, when the artist went on a business trip to Vietnam about 4 months ago.

South Korean media said the couple "are dating passionately, taking marriage as a premise, overcoming all barriers of age, nationality and language." No Min Hyuk refused to r.eveal his Vietnamese girlfriend's information.

According to reports, the girlfriend of the first male idol is a famous beauty blogger in Vietnam, born in 1995, losing to her 12-year-old boyfriend. She is said to own her own brand of eyelashes.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 8

This information caused a stir on Vietnamese social networks. Not long after, a local entertainment news site revealed the identity of the Vietnamese g.irl who fell in love with the Korean star as N.L.H.M. Her information matched the description of Sports Seoul.

H.M was born in 1995 and lives in Ho Chi Minh City. She works in the beauty industry, has her own business brand. H.M.'s social media account has more than 556,000 followers. More significantly, two days after the article by Sports Seoul, H.M shared a photo of her unmasked boyfriend proposing. The attached location is a 5-star resort in Jeju Island (South Korea).

According to Sports Seoul, in an interview with the Vietnamese news site, H.M confirmed that he is No Min Hyuk's girlfriend, and also revealed that the two are engaged. "We promised each other," the 9X h.ot g.irl said.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 9

However, in an article published on June 3, Sports Seoul suddenly claimed that the Vietnamese celebrity mentioned earlier is not No Min Hyuk's girlfriend. Representatives for the singer have voiced a rebuttal.

"That influencer is not No Min Hyuk's girlfriend. No Min Hyuk was also shocked. We are considering revealing his girlfriend's face in the near future," the representative emphasized.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 10

In the afternoon of the same day, H.M. also moved to correct the rumors. On her Instagram Story, she posted a screenshot of the message with the news site about her affair with No Min Hyuk. In particular, the beauty is angry because of false reporting, seriously affecting her image and reputation, and devaluing Vietnamese people in the eyes of your country.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 11

H.M insists that he has never shared anything, it is all due to the media. She also demanded that the publication correct the information and apologize publicly.

"Returning to Vietnam to prepare personal affairs and enjoy a peaceful life in my hometown, I was called by the headless, tailless, false noise. I don't waste my precious time on such stories," H.M. added.

No Min Hyuk (Click-B): Gen 1 idol now CEO, Vietnamese hotgirl impersonates girlfriend - Photo 12

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