Korean stars verify the saying "When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you"

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The aura of fame is the dream of many people, but it is also a trap that causes many people to collapse because they can no longer find themselves in the image that others remember.

The Korean entertainment industry is truly too harsh. Artists must always live according to existing rules, like a prison without bars. Even though we know that these are two sides of life, the opposite side of glory, sadly, that pattern cannot be changed, like a default in the hearts of fans. That celebrities have to live like this, their aura must be exchanged for the imprisonment of the word "image".

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 1

Fans seemed to wake up after a long sleep because of the passing of Shinee's eldest brother - Kim Jong Hyun

In the blink of an eye, it's been 6 years since fans around the world received a big s.hock about the passing of famous b.oy band member, Kim Jong Hyun. Unfortunately, it was a premeditated departure. To lead to the worst outcome like that day, Jong Hyun spent many years immersed in the darkness of a rotten spirit. He suffered from severe depression, living with internal pressure that he could not share with anyone.

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 2

For many years working as an artist, dedicating her talent and effort to the Korean entertainment industry. In addition to the bright aura of being a member of a top music group, he is the creator of countless good songs and receives a lot of love from the audience. He also encountered hundreds of thousands of harsh criticisms, about his personal life, love life and the pressures of the stereotype of a Kpop artist.

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 3

His love story was exposed in 2010 when the male idol dated actress Shin Se Kyung. But it was public opinion, fans and the media that burned down that budding love story. Since that day, Jong Hyun has become more secretive about everything. He chose to focus on music and not care about other pleasures in life. Thinking that life was going on extremely happily and peacefully, until the day he chose to say goodbye to everything, the audience seemed to realize many things.

"When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you"

In a conditional way, suddenly one day the g.irl who once faced criticism from a large community received love and late regrets.

Perhaps the departure of Jong Hyun or Sulli is like a strong slap to all those who have always tried to speak evil words into their lives. When she was alive, Sulli suffered from severe depression, the psychological damage was clearly seen by the audience in the way she used her personal account to post unstable images.

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 4

However, because the smile was always on her lips, no one knew what that l.ittle g.irl was going through inside. Until the female artist let go of everything to free her inner soul, all the negative things were wrapped up and replaced with pity and belated understanding.

"My name is Sulli, 'sul' means snow and 'li' means pear flower. So I will probably be reincarnated into a small flower but full of strong vitality."

When reading this shared line from the little princess Sulli, surely many fans will have tears in their eyes remembering the cold passing of the female artist at her home in 2019.

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 5

Understanding only appears when the last breath is taken?

Perhaps now, the media and online community are together receiving strong criticism over the passing of actor Lee Sun Kyun. In the end, what really took that life away?

In October 2023, the actor received heavy criticism when he was involved in a scandal of using banned substances and suspicions of a.dultery. Until his d.eath, the matter still did not have a final result. But Korean netizens are like that, there will never be a chance for the artist to bring their story to light, no one will have the patience to listen and wait for the hidden corners. They just focus on dissecting mistakes and thinking it's bad, going against the image a famous person should have.

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 6

Lee Sun Kyun's passing was like a sigh, the artist's final helplessness. After all, how many poor souls must be sacrificed for the Korean entertainment industry to operate more easily?

Korean stars verify the saying When you die, the whole world suddenly loves you - Photo 7

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