Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young

Thiên DiFeb 20, 2024 at 15:22

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After attending Taylor Swift's tour, a young fan had a traffic accident and died, making many people mourn. This is not the first time audiences have had an unfortunate accident after a Taylor Swift show.

According to Page Six, two sisters who were spectators of Taylor Swift died after a fatal accident while on their way to see the pop superstar perform in Melbourne, Australia.

Mieka Pokarier, 16 years old, was sitting in the front seat of the car and died at the scene. While her 10-year-old sister, Freya Pokarier, was transferred to Westmead Hospital in Sydney in a critical condition and in a coma, according to Weekend Australian.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 1

Mieka's mother was driving from the Gold Coast to take her two children to see Taylor Swift's concert when she collided with a pickup truck in New South Wales. She was taken to Dubbo Hospital in a stable condition and treated for minor injuries. The pickup truck driver only had minor scratches.

On his personal page, Mieka Pokarier's father could not hide his s.hock and sadness at his daughter's sudden passing. "My reason for living in this world is gone. I am very depressed," he wrote on his personal page. The godmother also expressed her hope that philanthropic organizations and individuals will join hands to donate to the GoFundMe fund to financially support the g.irl's family.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 2

This is not the first time the press has recorded a case of an audience member dying while watching Taylor Swift's show. At the end of last year, public opinion was shocked when a female fan died at Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour concert in Brazil due to exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration in the 40 degree Celsius heat. After the heartbreaking incident occurred. , the world-famous female singer posted on her personal page an article expressing her sadness and depression at the d.eath of her fans.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 3

Or the incident in April 2023, a Taylor Swift fan named Jacob Charles Lewis (20 years old) had a traffic accident and died immediately after attending The Eras Tour concert at NRG Stadium (Houston, Texas). ). The above information shocked many Taylor Swift fans around the world and mourned the passing of Swifty.

Houston's local news site reported that Houston Police reported the incident took place around 1:15 a.m. Saturday in the 900 block of Southwest Freeway. Police said Jacob Charles Lewis, 20, was driving a red Buick LaCrosse. Lewis got out to push the car along the curb toward the exit while his sister was behind the wheel. At this time, a black Volkswagen Beetle driven by Alan Bryant Hayes, 34 years old, hit Lewis and the car. Lewis died at the scene.

April Bancroft, Lewis' sister, suffered only minor bruises and scratches. She shockedly shared: "It was the night we had been looking forward to for a very long time. However, this turned into the worst thing!". It is known that before the fateful concert took place, Jacob and his sister were still happily taking pictures together right in front of NRG Stadium.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 4

The person who hit Jacob left the scene. The passing of a Swifty makes the Taylor Swift fan community heartbroken. Many people have taken action to tag the female singer on Twitter so she can know about this information soon.

Currently, in just a few weeks, thousands of Vietnamese audiences will "land" in Singapore to attend one of Taylor Swift's 6 shows of The Eras Tour. These are 6 exclusive shows in Southeast Asia when the Singapore government spent nearly 450 billion VND on Taylor Swift's crew to ensure the female artist will not tour in any other country in the ASEAN region.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 5

It is expected that nearly 400,000 spectators from all over Asia will come to Singapore on this occasion, bringing in significant economic benefits. Singapore has also become the place with the largest number of Vietnamese audiences to enjoy The Eras Tour because of its geographical location and convenient passport policy.

Many Taylor Swift fans died after watching the idol show, some were too young - Photo 6

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