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Thermal Y Trat: The Xinjiang beauty was depressed because of being taken advantage of by her boyfriend and the pressure of being a single mother

Kim Lâm16:10:30 17/11/2023
Compared to the gentle and sweet beauty of other Xinjiang beauties, Thermal Y Trat has a unique, generous but no less seductive beauty. In addition, the acting of this Xinjiang beauty also impressed and received the love of the audience.

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Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy

An Nhi11:31:47 14/02/2022
Although very successful with Chan Hoan Truyen, Ton Le is not the first person to be "chosen to send gold" by the director. In 2011, the historical drama Chan Hoan Truyen, adapted from the novel of the same name, became a "storm" on Asian screens thanks to its attractive content...

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Dong Le A was criticized for being inferior to Angelababy, and Dong Dao was controversial when he reached the top of the "Four Great Thanh Y"

Yang Mi07:51:51 15/01/2022
In addition to beauty, four famous Chinese beauties were recently voted as the new four great doctors of Cbiz. About this ranking is receiving much attention. The Thanh y school is roughly understood to talk about stars with good acting who follow the path of drama dramas...

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Dong Dao was criticized for his acting, losing even to the supporting actor in The Traitor

youtuber10:06:41 03/07/2021
Recently, the TV series The Traitor has just ended and left many mixed opinions for the audience. In particular, Dong Dao's acting was criticized as the weak point of the work. In the film Dong Dao portrays the character Zhou Di Trinh, the daughter of a famous financial expert...

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