Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired

Nguyễn TuyếtAug 11, 2023 at 10:53

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Actor Nha Phuong revealed that Truong Giang's husband, despite his busy schedule, still takes great care and thought about his small family, so that she will have good health and spirit when she is pregnant for the 2nd time.

Accordingly, in the recent livestream, Nha Phuong shared about her married life and her husband, receiving a lot of attention from fans. In addition, the actress also revealed that her current weight, at month 7, is about 51.5kg.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 1

As for the pregnancy, Nha Phuong said that she was lucky and very happy to be loved and spoiled by her husband Truong Giang. "Whether my wife was pregnant or not, he always took great care of me," the actress happily said.

Therefore, the young mother has a good health, can still participate in films, attend events in the first trimester. It was not until the 6th month that Nha Phuong stopped working completely to focus on convalescence.

In particular, Nha Fang also revealed that having a 2nd c.hild, Changjiang began to have gray hair because he always cared and thought about his family. Besides, the actor is still busy with his own work projects. As busy as he is, he always arranges time to cook daily dishes for his wife.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 2

"Sometimes you'll pre-cook or pre-cook it and I just need to take it out quickly and eat it. When I see the food left, he will be very upset, so I will almost eat it all. Most of them are meat and fish dishes. The fish are always, plenty. Oh my god his menu, generally my husband at home only thinks about food," the actress confided.

It is known that Nha Phuong gained about 8kg compared to the beginning, but her physique is still very slim, smooth chestnut skin and natural pink white. Recently, the actress has also occasionally featured in some events, it's just that she avoids vigorous exercise, every day doing light exercise like walking 5 km.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 3

Typically, last night, Truong Giang's wife appeared at supermodel Vo Hoang Yen's fashion show. Although she is pregnant, Nha Phuong is still not afraid to wear a flattering, moderately cut outfit to help add attractiveness. With a straight hairstyle and light makeup, the "Ten Difficulties" wife received many compliments with her radiant appearance despite being about to die.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 4

In addition to Nha Phuong, the event was also attended by many famous faces of Vietnamese showbiz such as: Miss Ngoc Chau, Supermodel Minh Tu, Miss Thien An, Mai Phuong, Phuong Khanh,...

In April this year, Nha Phuong confirmed her pregnancy with her second c.hild. The figure is somewhat rounder than before, but does not give the actress a feeling of heaviness.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 5

In the behind-the-scenes clip of Brilliant Journey not long ago, when he received gifts of 2 handmade dragonflies from fans, he was excited to bring home as a gift for his daughter Destiny, the pink one, the blue one he wanted to save for the 2nd b.aby.

Sharing with Isaac and Blessed, Changjiang said, "Your c.hild is Libra." This inadvertently reveals the expected time of birth of Nha Fang. Accordingly, the sign of Libra will be those born between September 23 and October 23. Thus, Truong Giang wife is in the stage of pregnancy at 7-8 months. Soon, Vbiz's famous couple family will welcome new members.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 6

Nha Fang and Changjiang fell in love when they both starred in the movie "49 Days". After dating for a long time, the couple decided to get married in August 2018 and welcomed their first daughter, Destiny, in early 2019. Since his marriage, Changjiang has always been considered a family man, taking good care of his wife and children.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 7

Once, Truong Giang shared: "At home, we often cook rice together, come home late from work, but my wife still waits and then sits down to eat together. My wife doesn't eat rice, she's been on a diet all her life but still waits so that when I eat, she takes a bite to eat for fun. Sometimes I come home late from work at 2 or 3 a.m., but my wife stays up and cooks a piece of rice or meat for me to eat. My house has to have fire all the time. The fire in the household is very important. It's connection."

Nha Phuong also once said that her husband often exchanges confidants and is a psychological husband. Every time they come home from work, the comedian and his wife will share their feelings with each other, before doing anything, ask for advice as a respect for each other.

Su Fang happily showed off that Changjiang made something special when pregnant, everyone admired - Photo 8

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