Nha Phuong "runs kpi" to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to "close the book"

Quỳnh QuỳnhMay 22, 2024 at 10:31

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Not long after giving birth to her second c.hild, Nha Phuong recently revealed her plan to have a third c.hild, attracting the audience's attention. In particular, Truong Giang's wife also said she wanted to have twins.

Recently, at her birthday party, Nha Phuong suddenly shared her plan to have a third c.hild. Accordingly, while chatting with friends, Nha Phuong was asked if she would continue to look for more members for the group. Small kettle too?

Just now, Truong Giang's wife humorously said: "Let's give birth again, just one more for now...". Nha Phuong also shared that she would like to have twins, "but let God give it to you. If not, then do IVF. Depends on fate."

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 1

Witnessing Nha Phuong r.eveal her plan to have a b.aby, friends around the actress couldn't help but get excited. "If you have twins now, it'll be over!", a friend of Nha Phuong told her.

After Nha Phuong's sharing, many viewers and fans expressed excitement, expecting the Nha Phuong Truong Giang couple to soon have another member in their family.

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 2

Nha Phuong also expressed concern about her plan to have four children: "I'm a bit worried. If so, how will I raise my children? Teaching them is the most tiring part." Previously, Nha Phuong shared that she wanted a large family to make the atmosphere more happy and cozy. She affirmed that her children are her and her husband's happiness and greatest asset.

On the evening of May 19, Nha Phuong attracted attention when sharing a video recorded during her new age celebration. For her birthday this year, the actress held a fairly simple party at the garden villa with the participation of Truong Giang, accompanied by a group of close friends including names like Kha Ngan, Ai Phuong...

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 3

At this birthday party, Nha Phuong and a group of famous beauties did not hesitate to wear muddy outfits with many different colors, making netizens excited. In particular, Truong Giang also actively fed his wife. Witnessing Truong Giang's pampering action towards his wife, Nha Phuong's sisters laughed with their expression... "outright discrimination".

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 4

After 4 years of dating and overcoming many ups and downs, Nha Phuong and Truong Giang officially married in 2018. The couple welcomed their first daughter in January 2019, and their second son in October 2023. During her confinement, Nha Phuong always had companionship and care from her husband. She maintained a comfortable, stress-free spirit after giving birth thanks to her husband. Truong Giang said his wife only needs to eat, take care of the children, and "he takes care of everything".

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 5

Truong Giang - Nha Phuong's happy and fulfilled family

They are both famous Vbiz stars and have busy schedules, but Truong Giang and Nha Phuong still remember special occasions. The actress once revealed: "They both pamper each other and no matter how busy they are, they still try to remember special occasions."

Nha Phuong once had sweet words to say about Truong Giang: "When I was young, my family didn't have much connection, but the way Giang loved and took care of his family made me feel like he was a kind person." , cannot be evil and that is what conquered me. I love and marry Mr. Giang for that reason. Actually, from the time I married Mr. Giang until now, he is very good at taking care of his family Great. Up to now, I am very satisfied with my life."

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 6

Nha Phuong does not regret choosing to go backstage and focus on raising a family while her career is at its peak. She said it was "God's will" so she accepted it freely. "I have to thank my husband because he is the one who never lets my passion for acting disappear. He will do everything for me to balance work and family," Nha Phuong said.

Nha Phuong runs kpi to have a third c.hild with Truong Giang, wishes to have twins to close the book - Photo 7

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