Nguyen Sin frankly accused "O Sen" Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars

Gia NhiMay 28, 2024 at 16:02

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Youtuber Nguyen Sin just made an extremely infamous move when he directly declared that " O Sen" Ngoc Mai and circus actor Quoc Nghiep were fake people, covering up the incident of r.evealing strange images. He also presented a series of evidence against the female singer's family.

On the evening of May 27, social network users were extremely shocked by a series of images cut from clips of Ngoc Mai and Quoc Nghiep's family. Accordingly, the singer's entire family is on a business trip to the US. However, what is worth mentioning in the clip is that netizens discovered that the couple had a strange detail attached to the head of the bed. Immediately, "O Sen" and his wife were harshly stoned and condemned for this action.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 1

Faced with a stir in public opinion, Quoc Nghiep officially spoke up. Accordingly, Quoc Nghiep said his family had a summer vacation in the US and during this time, Osen Ngoc Mai performed in a charity program to raise funds for Huong Duong School for the Handicapped and Orphans, in a series of shows. Spring Leaf Collection program in the US.

"To save m.oney for the Huong Duong children, the whole group was always transported and accommodated by volunteers. After more than 2 weeks of separation, the whole family was happy to meet again in the house of a Lover. The volunteers waited to enter the main house. The husband, wife, father and children were happily playing, so they did not pay attention to their surroundings and did not control the details of what was caught on camera. Through this, Quoc Nghiep Ngoc Mai learned deeply from experience and will not let similar things happen," Quoc Nghiep said.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 2

However, Quoc Nghiep's explanation made public opinion even more angry. There were up to 3,300 angry expressions/ 4,700 expressions from netizens when reading Quoc Nghiep's share. And the audience's anger continued to increase when they learned the nature of the performance that Osen Ngoc Mai accepted.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 3

Amidst the noise of the incident, YouTuber Nguyen Sin, a character who has long been notorious for not being afraid of anyone on social networks, came forward and continued to denounce Ngoc Mai and her husband. He released a series of pictures about the organization and the program that Ngoc Mai performed in. We can see the strange details that make people stoned appear in each photo of this organization. He believes that Ngoc Mai and her husband know what this organization is like, so the explanation is just a cover story.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 4

Nguyen Sin was upset on his personal page: "I was thinking about going to bed, but I just picked up this fruit and went to sleep. Quoc Nghiep, this Spring Leaf Contribution program is run by an organization, you'll see the picture clearly. Volunteers Who the member Quoc Nghiep mentioned in the statement is, you can see clearly from the picture. You and your wife know clearly what this organization is like, so you accepted the invitation with a fee to perform, rather than just saying if you don't know anything. to lie, to lie, to lie.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 5

Stop explaining and stop playing the victim. I hope the authorities will do a strong job to set an example. If necessary, they can ban the broadcast, people will support it wholeheartedly."

O Sen Ngoc Mai's real name is Le Nhu Ngoc Mai, born in 1987 in Quang Tri. She has a Master's degree in Vocal Performance and has taught for more than 10 years at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, and has toured in many countries such as Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan...

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 6

However, it was not until 2022 that Ngoc Mai's voice became widely known to the public after she appeared under the O Sen mask in the reality TV show Masked Singer 2022 . Good vocal technique and flexible way of recreating "hit" songs helped the female singer win the championship position, bringing in a large number of fans.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 7

Meritorious Artist Quoc Nghiep - Ngoc Mai's husband, he was included in the list of top 30 successful young people voted by Forbes Vietnam magazine. Quoc Nghiep and his brother Quoc Co once set a Guinness World Record in Italy by going up 10 stairs blindfolded in 53.97 seconds. Both also made their mark on Britain's Got Talent.

Nguyen Sin frankly accused O Sen Ngoc Mai and his wife of being fake and liars - Photo 8

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