Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guang's bloodline

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DJ Ngan 98 has just had a remarkable sharing around his children with the media. Accordingly, she said she is planning to freeze eggs, use medical technology to have children, hope that her half-Western children do not necessarily share b.lood with her boyfriend.

H.ot g.irl, DJ Ngan 98 is a beauty who has long been too famous on social networks. Emerging as a phenomenon, Ngan 98 is not like other h.ot girls of her time, who soon faded, but she knew how to take advantage of her opportunity to get rich. Ngan 98 started practicing online business, later was also taught DJing and making art by her boyfriend Luong Bang Quang. In recent years, Ngan 98 has begun to flourish, becoming an influencer on social networks.

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 1

Recently on social networks, netizens were extremely shocked by Ngan 98's latest statement about having a c.hild with Luong Bang Quang in the future. Specifically, she said she is planning to freeze eggs, soon to become a mother using medical technology. However, the attitude of the female DJ boyfriend sitting next to him seems to be happy, the attitude does not like to come out.

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 2

Specifically, Ngan 98 said in an interview: "Ngan also has thoughts, plans to find out and freeze eggs, because he is afraid that he will have difficulty giving birth in the future." Speaking of this, Liang Bang Guang felt unhappy. Ngan 98 added: "Why mention the birth of a c.hild who is sluggish like sleep deprived for a few days." The DJ's boyfriend replied: "Oh my god, I spend my time doing weight training every day, taking care of work, now I have to hold the b.aby, lull me to sleep, clean me up. Spend my life."

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 3

And yet, Ngan 98 also stated that he wanted to have half-Western children, not necessarily the same b.lood as Liang Bang Guang. This is also what the female DJ said in the media a few years ago, so far she has not changed her mind. Ngan 98 said: "Still thinking about the West, because the apartment Ngan and Uncle Quang live in, every afternoon Ngan and Uncle Quang go down to swim, the West children are under him terribly much, but he is terribly beautiful."

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 4

Ngan 98 added about his relationship with Luong Bang Quang: "Uncle Quang is not only Ngan's lover, when he is Ba Ngan, when he is Mr. Ngan, when he is Ngan's son, when he is everyone, when he is a soulmate. There are things that only girls can ask each other." Although she wants to have a half-Western c.hild, Binh Dinh still wants to cede the right to make decisions to her boyfriend.

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 5

As for the male musician, he said that he agrees with his girlfriend's opinion, still wants the half-West: "According to Quang, Quang still likes the West. Quang likes something new, it is airy, does not follow a certain motif, so it will be difficult to explain to you. If there is an opportunity to choose gender, skin color, hair color, eye color for your c.hild, you should take advantage of that opportunity."

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 6

He said there are many people who ask questions about deeper issues such as bloodlines, whether you are filial or not, but in his opinion time will give us the most accurate answer. For Luong Bang Quang, the affection and attitude of children towards parents also depends on the education of parents, adults will be the ones who nurture love in children.

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 7

Currently, the sharing of the couple Ngan 98 and Luong Bang Quang is still receiving many controversial opinions. However, some fans also expressed their respectful views, because having children, nurturing babies to grow up is a matter for both of them, as long as insiders feel happy and satisfied with their decisions.

Ngan 98 stored eggs, wanted Western half-blood, did not share Liang Bang Guangs bloodline - Photo 8

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