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Thuan Nguyen "peeled" the attitude of family members towards Chi Pu, who once fell into crisis for one reason.

Bình Minh15:50:04 14/12/2023
After confirming their co-starring partnership in The Sun, the sweet emotional interactions between Thuan Nguyen and Chi Pu made netizens extremely excited and actively pushed the boat.

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Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now?

An Nhi10:23:05 27/08/2022
Huu Vi is one of the male gods of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. He became the ideal boyfriend image many girls look for because of his perfect appearance, masculinity and warm voice full of charm. In the Vietnamese model village, Huu Vi is considered one of the most...

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Hieu Nguyen was accused of v.iolence by his girlfriend, knowing each other for 3 months, still secretly "relationship" with his ex-lover

Hoàng Phúc08:23:49 27/12/2021
Hieu Nguyen is favored by fans as the new "male god" of Vietnamese cinema thanks to his impressive appearance. Recently on MXH suddenly appeared a status line accusing actor Hieu Nguyen - once famous for his role as a Gypsy in a movie with violent behavior with his girlfriend...

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The beauty changes "dizzy" over time of the male gods vbiz

team youtuber10:52:42 12/07/2020
When they were young, both Ly Hung and Le Tuan Anh attracted the public's attention through their romantic roles. However, nothing is forever, they are not free from the influence of time when the age increases more and more numbers, the appearance changes markedly. Even changed to the point of making it difficult for fans

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